6 Webinars You Can Attend To Sharpen Your Skills At Home

Webinar, in simple terms, is defined as an ‘online seminar.’ It is an effective solution to improve your knowledge on various subjects and topics. You can engage with like-minded people and sharpen your skills from the comfort of your home. There is no need to travel to any far-off place. All you need is a system or a device with an internet connection, a speaker, and a webcam.6 Webinars You Can Attend To Sharpen Your Skills At Home

A good webinar offers a learning experience and is worth the time invested in it. Moreover, as these webinars are mostly archived, you can access, share, or watch them any time at your convenience from anywhere.

Here is a list of 6 webinars that you can attend to enhance your business skills while you are at home:

1. IBM Webinar

IBM (International Business Machines) is a multinational company focusing on technological solutions, including hardware, software, cloud-based, and cognitive computing. The company was founded in 1911 and with its headquarters in New York, USA. It has also made a significant mark in the research field and holds a record for creating the most number of US patents for 27 consecutive years.

IBM webinars are focused on a range of topics covering production, management, marketing, technology, and more. The webinars are free of cost and are offered as on-demand or live sessions. Moreover, they are available in 20+ languages.

You can easily access them by registering for the session you want to watch on the official web page. It also lists out the contact details of the webinar speakers in case you want to reach out to them for any questions.

2. AICPA Webcasts

American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Association is representing accounting professionals since 1887. It has over 431,000 members and is aimed at powering businesses, public practices, consultation, and more in over 143 countries. It also offers various courses and training through multiple resources like blogs, podcasts, and webinars.

AICPA webinars or webcasts focus on delivering detailed and highly informative content to its viewers on different subjects including taxation, accounting, auditing, and business management. The webcasts feature CPE accredited content on various topics. The sessions are available as both audio and video webcasts. You can get an annual webcast pass to access 500+ webinars all year round. The webinar sessions range from 1 hour to 8 hours depending upon the topic.

3. SCORE Live Webinars

SCORE is a one-stop solution for all the small business needs. It is a non-profit organization with one of the largest networks of volunteers, business expert mentors, and more to help small businesses in the nation. It provides various resources for its users that include mentoring, webinars, blogs, videos, checklists, and more.

SCORE live webinars are hosted free of cost every week, and you can simply go to their website to register for any session you want. It covers different areas of interest for SMBs, such as:

  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Human Resource
  • Accounting
  • Legal Resource
  • Technology

You can also narrow it down as per your industry type and business stage.

4. U.S. Small Business Administration Learning Centre

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is a cabinet-level federal agency. It is aimed at helping small business owners and entrepreneurs by offering them every possible solution from counseling to the capital for their growth since 1957.

SBA Learning Centre consists of a wide range of tailored content, including online courses and webinars, for its viewers covering a variety of topics including business planning, management, growth, and more. Each course is free of cost and consists of a duration of over 30 minutes.

5. Webinars by Gartner

Gartner is a global research and advisory company founded in 1979. It offers tools and business insights for enterprises to run. The organization has a network of over 15,000+ associates. Major areas covered by Gartner include customer service, and support, legal & compliance, finance, human resource, sales, supply chain, product management, strategy, information technology, and product management.

Gartner offers webinars on various topics and industries. Webinars are regularly hosted, covering recent trends and topics in the market. Moreover, they are free of cost, so you can simply register for the one you want to attend on their website. Each webinar is around 1 hour long and can be accessed on-demand at any time.

6. Intel Webinars

Intel Corporation is a multinational organization with its headquarters based in Santa Clara, California, Silicon Valley. It offers technological solutions to various industries. It is most commonly used for its groundbreaking achievement in the field of technology, which includes the invention of x86 series microprocessors.

Intel webinars offer knowledgeable insights on the latest technology such as cloud, IoT, AI, 5G-connectivity, and much more from industry leaders. On-demand sessions are available on the official web page of Intel webinars. It aims to educate its viewers around innovations in technology and its implementation, solutions, and sustainability. You can attend these webinars by registering to them from the official web page.


Webinars are a great way to learn and develop skills by listening to your favorite speakers, industry experts, and more without having to leave your home. It is not only cost-effective but also saves in any time spent while commuting from one place to another. Webinars allow you to choose from the catalog of sessions to develop your career and consequently meet prospective clients.

Have we missed any webinar that will help to sharpen up the business skills? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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