Why Should You Upgrade to QuickBooks Dedicated Server?

Cloud computing has earned huge popularity among tech-savvy entrepreneurs and accounting industries because of the numerous advantages it offers to streamline the business operations.

Many small-sized businesses take benefit of public cloud environment because of ease-of-use it offers. However, accounting businesses whose data are highly critical opt for private cloud to get flexibility and full control on the infrastructure.

Whether you are a technology startup or accounting firm, your grown-up business needs to step further in terms of extended security and unlimited control with dedicated servers where applications are highly scalable along with cloud characteristics. It is a cloud server which is exclusively accessed by an individual or organization and is not shared with another user.

There is no doubt that dedicated servers can be an excellent choice to consider for your business because of its increased reliability and efficiency. Moreover, using the private server with QuickBooks gives you the freedom to manage the business operations in an integrated manner on your fingertips.

With hosting QuickBooks on a private server, the entire system caters to your organization’s priorities, expects minimum downtime and offers you unmatched support to your accounting team be it deployment, troubleshooting, configuration or maintenance.


Here’s are the reasons why upgrading to QuickBooks private server will give an edge to your business.

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1. Heightens Security and Privacy Arrangements

Hosting QuickBooks on the private server gives you an added layer of security as only you have access to the software. All the financial information and QB files are stored and managed on the server to which no other organization has access. Hence, a poorly managed application of some other organization does not compromise your privacy.

Dedicated servers implement higher levels of protection against malware and spam. The host’s secure firewalls, end-to-end encryption, and network monitoring frees you from security breaches and allows you to concentrate on your core business activities.

2. Complete Control Over the Server

Having QuickBooks on a dedicated server provides a total level of control as compared to the shared environment as the server is solely managed by the individual or an organization. There are no restrictions on the use of QuickBooks software.

Therefore, your decisions about your server will not be affected by other users. You can configure and operate the cloud environment the way you want. You can set roles and permissions to multiple users and give them access accordingly. This helps in driving the business in a controlled, flexible, and responsive way.

3. Scalability for Business Growth

QuickBooks dedicated server on the cloud allows you to upgrade your RAM, storage, or the number of users when you are expecting a high workload with the click of a button. With the scalable QuickBooks cloud server, you can add or remove the resources without the need for hardware replacement, as in case of the local setup.

Scaling becomes more efficient as the resources remain entirely at your disposal. Hosting QB on the private server streamlines the business growth as you can change the server specifications as per the changing accounting needs and can pay as per usage.

4. Cost Savings

High capital expenses can hamper the accounting operations, especially for the growing businesses, which require reserve capital for other core areas. With QuickBooks Dedicated server, you free yourself from substantial budget constraints by saving the costs incurred on the physical setup of servers, local system upgrades, and hardware maintenance.

Moreover, QuickBooks dedicated server helps you save a significant amount of money on IT-related expenses such as setup, configuration, and upgrades, which is not possible with the on-premise setup.

5. Improved Reliability and Performance

It is very important to ensure that the performance of your business remains optimum during high workloads. The QuickBooks dedicated server works smoothly without interruption as the resources like processor, storage, users, and memory are not shared with other users. As it is possible to access QuickBooks private server remotely, it leads to improved business productivity and efficient handling of tasks.

Also, most QuickBooks dedicated server providers offer you private servers with High-Performance Computing (HPC) and multi-network connection that provides seamless and super-fast access to your QB data and applications without any lag.

The power of QuickBooks dedicated server gives reliability, remote accessibility, and peak performance, which further contributes to optimum customer experience.

6. Easy Customizations and Integrations

Your accounting operations require additional add-ons or tools to accomplish various complementary tasks, such as time tracking and file conversion. QuickBooks private server allows you to integrate and customize your QuickBooks software with multiple third-party add-ons and applications like- ERP, Office suite, etc. without any limitations.

This empowers the financial tasks to be carried out with reduced manual data entry, more automation, and fewer chances of errors.

The Bottom Line

As the competition in the accounting industry is growing, so are the challenges of the accounting process. QuickBooks dedicated server is the best solution given the benefits it offers to your business.

Apart from providing high server security from cyberattacks and enough bandwidth and storage, cloud computing maximizes the reliability of the server along with the uptime. You can spin up accounting needs the way you want to by scaling up the resources to avoid heavy workloads.

Although hosting QuickBooks on a private server can turn out to be an expensive solution as compared to shared servers, but it is worthwhile in investing in it.

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