Top 10 Sources of Technology Information for SMBs

Tech Aisle recently conducted a survey in North America, Asia, and Europe and explored the top ten sources of information on technology solutions.

The infographic below summarizes these sources –


1. Recommendations from friends, colleagues, and partners: As more SMBs work to boost their business processes, there is much to gain from recommendations from friends, colleagues, and partners.

2. Manufacturer’s website: Manufacturer’s website has all the information small and medium businesses need.

3. Personal sales calls or face to face meetings: Another great source of information for SMBs which can help them reach potential buyers is face to face meeting or personal sales call.

4. Search engines: There are various search engines like Google and Bing which play an important role in getting the right information and reaching potential buyers.

5. Technology magazines: At some point, all entrepreneurs find themselves in need of motivation. And there is nothing better than good technology magazines to provide them the stimulating boost or simply a store of information, that SMB owners need to run their business to the best of their capability.

6. Brochures, newsletters and fact sheets: Most of the time, SMBs need information such as statistics, FAQs, technical data, contact details and upcoming events of the companies, which can be found in brochures, newsletter and fact sheets.

7. Advertising: One of the best ways to create brand awareness and reach potential buyers is advertising.

8. Blogs and forums: Small and medium businesses can highlight their services or products offered with the help of blogging and participation in online forums.

9. Company sponsored seminars: Seminars have always been a useful source of information for SMBs, where speakers talk about business ideas, success stories and business strategies to be successful.

10. Whitepapers: A long form of content, whitepapers, are designed to promote products and services by SMBs. They are often used to establish thought leadership and boost profit.

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