Last updated on January 13th, 2023

The QuickBooks 2013 and other earlier versions are more than capable of doing the same job that a new version promises. Therefore, for many users an update proves to be an exercise in futility. People are satisfied working with their older versions of the software and require concrete reasons to switch on to a newer version. For them, just a change in version number in the software name does not promise a better performance. So, what then? Is QuickBooks 2014 upgrade really a good option to switch to?

Upgrade QuickBooks to 2014 Version

Performing an Analysis…

The accounting internet users are growing smarter now. They try to find out if the update has helped the existing users to remove problems associated with the previous QuickBooks software versions. They need to be sure of the fact that they do not waste precious time and energy for a new version. Hosted QuickBooks may be the feasible pick to make their accounting experience even better. Many users continue to stay tied to the older software versions for a long time if it continues to meet their requirements.

QuickBooks 2014 has undoubtedly come up with new features for enhancing user experience. But when does a user really need the switch? There can be either of the two cases:

  • The user is running QuickBooks 2011 version for which Intuit has now withdrawn support and moving to the latest version will provide freedom from continuous version upgrades for a span of 3 years.
  • The user feels the keen need for enhanced features when his current QB version lacks the same.

Why upgrade to QuickBooks 2014?

QuickBooks 2014 has successfully fixed glitches and removed bugs from the earlier version. The new version is more stable than its predecessor. There are no software crashes and QB 2014 therefore has an overall better performance than the previous released versions. Although some problems with the new version have been reported, these issues were even more frequent in 2013 version. Intuit thus seems to be making gradual progress towards making updated software that is ultimately free of all these problems.

The 2011 version of QuickBooks will be no longer supported. All previous versions are similarly made unsettled or unsupportable after a period of three years. Therefore, to all users who currently use the 2011 version must now update to the 2014 version- although it is not necessary to upgrade to the most recent version. They can update to a 2012 or 2013 version too.

After various releases, QB 2014 has reached a stable and error-free state now and the switch seems smart in terms of enhanced operability. QuickBooks 2014 has many additional features like Client Collaborator, Payroll Center Enhancements, and Bank Feeds among others. Keeping in mind on all these benefits that come with the new version of QuickBooks, it is advisable that users update to this version for a seamless experience in the future. The other parameter is marked by need which only the users can decide for their custom business requisites!

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