5 Things to Consider Before Buying QuickBooks

Thinking about getting QuickBooks to streamline your inventory and simplify accounting? Awesome!

But hold on a sec…

Before you proceed further, let’s make sure if it’s the right move for you.

To make the most out of QuickBooks, there are a few key things you should know.

In this post, I’ll share with you five key points that will help you decide if QuickBooks is the right fit for your needs.

Important Factors to Consider Before You Buy QuickBooks 

Here are some important factors you need to consider before purchasing QuickBooks software.


1. Create a Meaningful Goal

Obtaining the most of QuickBooks requires you to decide what you want to accomplish by using it.

  1. Do you prefer more organized bookkeeping?
  2. Do you want to allow several employees to interact with the system?
  3. Do you require in-depth reports?

By identifying problems in cash flow or any other methods, you can use it to improve your organization on many levels. But to choose the best software for your requirements, you must have a goal in mind. 

2. Determine the Training You Need 

Any software has a learning curve that users must overcome. Furthermore, you cannot make assumptions about your financial situation or guess what you are doing correctly. Mistakes in accounting can be expensive.

Examine your need for QuickBooks training and the requirements of the staff members who will use the program. So, before you buy QuickBooks software, start looking for a business that can offer this training and assist you in creating your company profile.  

3. Choose the Right Version 

There are various versions of QuickBooks accessible. The variety of features they provide, the number of reports you can produce, and the number of users accessing the software vary among them. However, you must choose between a desktop and an online version even before you begin examining the features. 

Intuit has introduced QuickBooks Online, a platform you can use from any internet-connected device to keep up with the times and demand for cloud-based services.

Getting in touch with a business that provides QuickBooks consulting services can be worthwhile because there are advantages and disadvantages to both the desktop and the online versions. 

  • QuickBooks Basic and Pro: This edition of QuickBooks is designed and recommended for small businesses and startups. If you need a multi-user license, you can upgrade to QuickBooks Pro.
  • QuickBooks Online: With this edition, up to three users can use QuickBooks simultaneously. Some of the most significant benefits of using QuickBooks Online include automatic invoicing, entering invoices, and protecting mission-critical data. Small businesses who want to be more productive and keep their data secure simultaneously can opt for QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks Premier: The accounting program’s advanced edition, QuickBooks Premier, can be used simultaneously by up to five users. Using the QB Premier, you can make inventories, bills of materials (BOMs), reports tailored to your industry, business plans, and email orders. 
  • QuickBooks Self-Employed: Offering single-user license, the purpose of QuickBooks Self-Employed is to make it easier for single entrepreneurs and freelancers to track their income, spending, and tax liabilities. You can simply swipe left to classify a transaction as commercial versus personal and to align it with IRS filing categories. 
  • QuickBooks Enterprise: You can use a wide range of features with QuickBooks Enterprise, including essential business operations like payroll, payments, inventory, advanced reporting, and more, all in one location. Available in 1-10 user, and up to 40-user licenses, you can work with data of up to one million list items and vendors. Besides, you can integrate over 200 applications with QB Enterprise to expand and customize it for your business. 
  • QuickBooks for Mac: E-invoices and bounced check processing are two significant features of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Additionally, users receive a Dark Mode interface that was created especially for the Mojave operating system for Mac. Up to three persons can use QuickBooks for Mac per license. 
Choose appropriate QuickBooks license version

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4. Choose a Reasonable Deadline 

Switching to QuickBooks is not exactly a walk in the park. It takes dedication, time, and patience. Don’t anticipate that you buy QuickBooks desktop one time and fully convert your company to QuickBooks the same day.

Establish proper installation, setup, and first training schedules. Be aware that becoming an experienced QuickBooks user may take some time. There is always a new trick or strategy to learn with this platform because its features and the types of data it aggregates are robust.  

5. Number of Users 

Consider who will require access to your account before purchasing any QuickBooks package. It is primarily because the QuickBooks accounting software price is based on the number of users. All QuickBooks products have a maximum user restriction.

So, before you buy QuickBooks software, think about if you currently or in the future will work with an accountant or bookkeeper. 

Why Choose QuickBooks Accounting Software? 

Millions of business owners all over the world rely on QuickBooks. It is highly user-friendly and has a ton of helpful features and functions. 

  • QuickBooks may significantly impact your company’s development and financial success. 
  • Business owners that use QuickBooks accounting software have claimed significant increases in their company’s profit. 
  • One of the main reasons for disputes between employees and employers, the payroll issue, is resolved by QuickBooks. You may easily handle the majority of the challenging payroll issues with the aid of this software. 
  • In addition to being user-friendly, QuickBooks is renowned for its adaptability. It enables individuals to look after the company’s output. 
  • The accessibility of QuickBooks is another benefit over competing products. Anywhere that QuickBooks hosting is available, a user can access their account. Additionally, this software and its capabilities work with various other applications. 
  • You probably have loans if you’re running a business. Using QuickBooks, you can prepare taxes and complete the loan documentation formalities. 

Concluding Thoughts!

Purchasing QuickBooks accounting software can be challenging, especially if you’ve just started a business. Consider the five pointers before you buy QuickBooks, as mentioned in this post, and go for the one that suits your business best. 

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