The Battle of On-Premise QuickBooks Enterprise Vs QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

The rise of hosting technology has divided QuickBooks Enterprise users into two groups. One group still uses the on-premise QB Enterprise. For them, this is their ideal solution.  

The other group believes in using QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. It involves installing their QuickBooks Enterprise on cloud servers. QB Enterprise hosting carries numerous benefits and helps you overcome the limitations of the traditional QuickBooks Enterprise.  

QuickBooks Enterprise HostingWhile both groups continue to clash, there can be only one winner! Today we have compiled several essential differences between on-premise QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting. This will help you understand them both and choose the right winner yourself.  

QuickBooks Enterprise Vs. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting  

1. QuickBooks Accessibility 

QuickBooks Enterprise on cloud is a clear winner in terms of accessibility. This is because you cannot access QuickBooks Enterprise without the device on which it is installed. In other words, your QuickBooks Enterprise and its data are limited to local access only. Furthermore, you may even lose your data if anything happens to that device.  

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. You can use any device, provided it is connected to the Internet. Your data remains safely stored on remote cloud servers even if anything happens to that device. You can switch to any other device and continue working.  

2. Data Security 

A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise from a reputed hosting provider is secured with top-rated security measures. In an on-premise QB Enterprise, you must maintain each device’s security individually. This makes deploying the latest anti-hacking tools costly and arduous.   

QuickBooks Enterprise HostingOn the other hand, security options in QuickBooks Enterprise hosting are highly effective and economical. It includes an IDP system, bank-grade encryption, modern anti-malware/antivirus definitions, and much more. All this is part of your monthly subscription fee. There is also a round-the-clock security team that continuously monitors everything. Any suspicious activity is identified and quickly handled to keep your data safe.  

3. IT Responsibilities  

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting beats an on-premise QB Enterprise solution regarding IT management. A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise comes with almost zero IT responsibility. The upgrades, software updates, and even the remote server setup are managed by your cloud hosting provider. There is always an IT team that is available for rapid response.  

You are only liable to maintain end-user devices. They do not need to be high-end devices and can still deliver superior performance with minimal specifications. An on-premise QuickBooks Enterprise requires hefty IT management. You are responsible for setting up and managing the entire IT infrastructure and hiring expert IT personnel. A small system failure can severely affect your business without a dedicated team.  

4. Scalability Management  

The amount of data your organization handles increases with time and eventually outgrows your existing storage reserves. This will require you to scale up. With an on-premise QB Enterprise, you will have to manage scalability by yourself. The main problem is that it is a cyclic investment. The storage components you invest in are bound to become obsolete after a few years. Your existing IT infrastructure may not even sync with the latest features in the coming years. Ultimately, you will have to remodel the entire infrastructure.   

QuickBooks Enterprise HostingHowever, with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, you can scale up your existing resources at a fraction of the cost of the actual component price. The resources are delivered to you on the cloud and are your hosting provider’s responsibility. You only need to pay a nominal charge for the extra resources.   

5. Economical Value 

Working with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting has many economic benefits. With its round-the-clock accessibility, you can easily employ a remote workforce. This allows you to save office-related and maintenance costs. The stringent security measures ensure you are not stuck paying any money due to data leaks. It even keeps ransomware attacks at bay, which can cause immense capital loss.  

The significant savings come from the IT infrastructure. The majority of it is provided and managed by your hosting provider. Ultimately, you can make things work at a comparatively lower expense. However, these cost benefits are not available with an on-premise QB Enterprise; it is much more expensive to manage and run.  

6. Disaster Recovery  

Data reserves can be easily compromised or destroyed if proper safety regulations are not followed. Data stored locally is at more risk than data stored remotely. Any natural calamity or artificial activity can permanently destroy it. However, a reputed hosting provider keeps your data at multiple geographically isolated remote servers.   

QuickBooks Enterprise HostingEach server stores a copy of your data. Even if one server is damaged, you get access to another without delay. However, you must make a substantial investment to achieve this same feat in an on-premise QB Enterprise environment. It is tedious and complex to manage. 


QuickBooks Enterprise hosting stands out as a clear winner against QuickBooks Enterprise. QB Enterprise hosting offers multiple benefits such as remote data access, better data security, flexible scalability, cost savings, and more.   

In short, QuickBooks Enterprise on cloud only adds to the existing capabilities of QB Enterprise.   

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