Frustrated With Your Application Hosting Provider? Switch To Ace Cloud Hosting

From the security attacks that recently hit some cloud service providers to customer support hassles, the issues with application hosting provider can cost your business a large amount of money and time loss.switch-ace-cloud-hosting

The list of such issues that can make you switch from one service provider to another can go on:

  • Not getting the service you require
  • Contract issues
  • Bad customer service
  • Lack of scalability

Today, cloud computing has become a trend among the new entrepreneurs and even among the companies that has in-house IT departments are also considering moving their businesses to the cloud. Such hype and recommendation of cloud computing are not without any reason. Cloud helps accounting firms and professionals in increasing their productivity and profits with the features or benefits offered by it. Some of these benefits or advantages are:

  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Real-time remote access
  • No IT maintenance cost
  • Enhanced security and more.

These features will allow you to save not only money but also time and help you work efficiently. Hence, you can expect a boost in your firm’s productivity and profits. But, in all this rage for cloud computing there comes a big question, which is the most suitable cloud service provider for you or which cloud services provider allows your firm to save maximum money while delivering top-notch performance. There is a huge number of options in the market when it comes to selecting a cloud service provider. But none of them can provide you the deal and services like Ace Cloud Hosting. Even if you are already using a cloud service provider for managed application hosting, there are several reasons why you should ‘switch’ to Ace Cloud Hosting. Let’s explore why you should consider switching to Ace Cloud Hosting and how it can a better partner in growth for your firm.

1. 30% Discount on the Current Plan

If you are already using cloud services from another provider, then there’s a great deal for you. Ace Cloud Hosting gives you a 30% discount on your existing plan with current provider on switching to our services. This way you can save a huge amount by just switching to our cloud solutions.

2. Free Trial Option

At Ace Cloud Hosting, we offer a free trial for ten days because we believe in the ‘first try then buy’ policy. This feature allows all those new startups and entrepreneurs who are confused or afraid of adopting cloud services for their businesses. Also, those who are using cloud services from other services provider and are not satisfied with the services can take a free trial to decide better. Ace Cloud Hosting offers the free trial as we trust our services and let you take a no-obligation free trial of our services. So, you can pay for our services only when you have tested and developed better trust on service standards of ACE.

3. Free Cloud Setup Services

When you opt for Ace Cloud Hosting’s services, you get free cloud setup and migration services. It means there is no need to pay for cloud setup and migration of your business over the cloud. Moreover, you have to only pay for the plan you are choosing.

4. 45-day Data Backup

At ACE, we offer one of the unique features which almost no other cloud service provider can promise. Ace Cloud Hosting provides a 45-day data backup policy. Along with that, we offer built-in business continuity and disaster recovery feature to ensure that you experience uninterrupted cloud services all the time. This feature guarantees your business continuity in case of any crisis or disaster and makes sure that you can track and recover the data changes up to last 45 days.

5. Multiple Applications Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting doesn’t charge for creating a dedicated server to host multiple applications on the cloud. Hence, you don’t need to pay for each dedicated service for your applications. You have to pay only for the application hosting plans without paying extra for the private server.

6. Uptime Guarantee

When you switch or opt for Ace Cloud Hosting you get uptime guarantee of up to 99.999%. It means excellent and uninterrupted services with downtime of less than 6 minutes in the year. At Ace Cloud Hosting we try to keep our services up and running no matter what happens, and most of the upgrades and maintenance operations are executed in a planned and organized way so as not to disturb your operations in any way. Such excellence is the result of our dedication and continuous efforts towards improving our services and customer experience.

7. Free Cloud Solutions Consultancy

In case you need assistance in understanding what’s the right cloud solution for your applications, then you can reach our cloud solutions consultants. ACE offers 24×7 customer support to help you overcome any issue with the cloud services or the application you are working on. Our certifies and experienced cloud solutions consultants are capable of handling any hosting issue. Get in touch with our cloud solutions consultant now to switch to Ace Cloud Hosting and experience our cloud hosting services.

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On the weekend, you will find her hanging out with her family or surfing around the North Shore of Oahu.

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