COVID-19 – Tips To Stay Connected In A Business While Social Distancing

Today, we are in a situation no one ever thought of; neither was anyone prepared for it. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives. COVID-19 is a contagious disease, which is why the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked people to practice social distancing to control its spreading. Hence, all of us are suddenly bound to our homes and must work from home.

COVID 19 - Tips To Stay Connected In A Business While Social Distancing

Although many companies were practicing work from home, yet no one was prepared for the situation where everyone would be working from home. It can be challenging to stay connected with your team members or to manage your employees with the efficiency you were able to achieve at the office.

These are the times when it becomes essential to stay connected so as not to lose focus while working. Here are some tips that will help you get through this situation. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Understanding The Client’s Situation And Reaching Out

Clients can make or break your business. They are an integral part of the company. Thus, the most important thing to do right now is to connect with your clients. You can send a supportive and comforting message to your clients to let them know that your company is there to support them in the current circumstances.

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If there are projects piled up and your team has started working on them, you can share the progress with your clients for them to have a sense of relief that they are not losing out on anything.

Making your presence felt to clients will not only strengthen the connection with them but also help in increasing their confidence in you, leaving an ever-lasting positive image of your business.

2. Creating An Easy-To-Communicate Environment For Employees

Social interactions during work are essential to maintain a healthy mental balance increasing the focus on work. But, now that work-from-home has become the need of the hour, people are finding it difficult to cope up with the isolation.

And this is affecting their work. But, even though you cannot interact with your team members or employees personally anymore, you can still schedule a daily or weekly video conference with them for a face-to-face interaction while maintaining the social distance.

Organizing conference meetings with employees gives them a sense of help and monitoring, ensuring seamless collaborations and effective work results. Moreover, it will help each team member to be prepared and attentive at all times resulting in increased productivity.

3. Using Cloud Technology For Ceaseless Workflow

Running a business smoothly and efficiently requires the use of a number of applications. In the usual scenario, many of these applications are installed on the local systems. However, now, it can be challenging for employees to access all those apps and data to coordinate with their teams on a particular file. To install all the software in your home computers or laptops can take too long. Moreover, with everyone having access to data, security is the primary concern for businesses.

The easiest solution to this obstacle is adopting cloud technology to host all your applications and data. This way, every employee can access the software without actually installing them. Moreover, the notable cloud hosting providers ensure your data is protected and encrypted using advanced security measures.


4. Maintaining A Work Schedule

Work schedules are often overlooked when it comes to staying connected, but a proper work schedule is as important as any other factor.

We all have a fixed time for commuting to and fro from work. However, work from home gives liberty to work at any hour. If every employee is working at their own time, it can create a communication gap among teams leading to delayed work processes.

Thus, all employees should be encouraged to have a work schedule in the time slots provided. This will ensure that team members are available during a particular time, making collaborations easy. Often, without a work schedule, people tend to work throughout the day, exhausting themselves. Hence, a proper work schedule will also help you to separate your work and personal time.


We all have realized the criticality of the current COVID-19 crisis and must work together in order to fight this while keeping our businesses running.

However, along with running the business, interactions are also essential. While everyone is caught up at home, a virtual team activity can work as a morale booster to lift everyone’s moods.

Last but not least, it is equally important to accept the situation and the emotional rollercoaster you feel right now. Take a sense of your surroundings, focus on what beautiful things you have, and stay home to stay safe.

Have any more thoughts on how to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis? Let us know in the comments section.

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