Social Media can be ‘The Game Changer’ for SMBs

Conquering the world of ‘social media’ is never easy. The emergence of new leader ‘social media’ in the line of various businesses helps to create a strong connection with the target market and works especially for the small businesses. Social media marketing strategy comprises a never ending to-do list of things. It enables SMBs to generate new leads, interact and build relationship with existing customers and other industry leaders.

Social Media can be ‘The Game Changer’ for SMBs

Social media not only helps you create a better and strong relationship with existing and potential customers but also widen your business without investing much time and money. Without investing much in your business you can create marketing strategy that meets your business objectives.

Treadmill for 30 minutes for 4 days in a year will not move the weight-scale needle at all. Instead, on the treadmill 4 days a week will.

The above said words explain that ‘adherence to regular and consistent social media activity drive best results’.

Social media strategies can be implemented by small and medium businesses to engage with potential and existing clients, while circulating the message about their services and products. In the present connected era, customers perform online research and purchases. An interactive and vibrant social media presence serves the best interest of small businesses.

Let’s check out the essentials that can help SMBs – whether law firms, accounting businesses or individual CPAs, to generate profits through social media:

Social Media: Baby Steps for Small Businesses:

The vital step to social media is creating your own business profiles but ensure profiles should not be a megaphone. It is preferred to keep sales agenda aside and make sure social media profile conveys a special message about you. Engage and interact with other users belonging to the same group.

SMBs adopt ‘The Best Social Media Strategy’:

Check out the trend of competitors’ posts and updates which offer similar services. Look out for ways to draw followers and stay engaged with the followers by posting content consistently. Social media tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Ubersocial etc. can help to promote small business products and services in a better way. If required hire a social media consultant and get professional consultation for social media activities.

Follow The Game Rules:

Avoid posting offensive or misleading comments. Wrong statements about your product or incorrect claims must not be posted. Strictly comply with social media policies which ensure that confidential information about the business must not be shared.

Be it any industry or any product; social media can help your business to grow to a large extent. The social media activity goes much beyond posting blogs about your own product or commenting on posts belonging to the same group regularly. Manage, Market and Engage – Social Networking does it all.

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Comments (1)

  • Weston Ruter says:

    Social media is just an overrated concept created among the youth to fool the businesses around. Expecting a small business to expect a reach that giants already have through some interesting post is not a practical thought.

    • Aditi Tyagi says:

      Well, that may justify for certain businesses. But a dedicated approach that targets the correct audience on the correct platform has proved that SMBS can not only challenge the giants, but also overshadow them.

  • Earl Christensen says:

    Big data has rushed into every field and social media is no exception. Riding on it, social media channels offer analytics that gives a clear image of ROI on marketing efforts. This separates and leads social media ahead of all other marketing platforms.

  • Ron stark says:

    Taking social media easy is something that businesses should avoid. Social media has potential, but it takes some efforts. Cautious and effective strategies should be adopted.

  • Tony Clarke says:

    A bad part of marketing on social media is that a strategy that once worked may not repeat the same results. Remain on your toes always…that’s the key.

  • Philip Walton says:

    Asking your existing customers to post reviews on your social accounts is something that delivers the best and long term results. Solving customer queries openly brings good influence for the business.

  • Aaron Mackaskill says:

    My rule for marketing on social media is simple. No rules. Just see what’s popular out there and do it.

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