15 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Accountants and CPAs

From invoicing to financial document handling, there are apps that make the life of accountants and CPAs easier.

From invoicing to financial document handling, some apps make the life of accountants and CPAs easier. Preparing invoices, processing payments, tracking expenses – accounting can consume a lot of your time.

CPAs and accountants should not wait to sit in front of their computers in order to check account balances or invoices. The ability to access these on mobile is a critical business need.

Accountants did not give much heed to the usage of mobile for business. But with the ability to check accounting status on smartphones and tablets, these devices have swiftly created a significant place in our daily lives.

Apart from the accounting apps, there are some other apps that help increase the productivity of accountants and help them optimize their accounting process. Interestingly, one of the leading accounting software providers is planning a soft launch in 2024 for a mobile game designed to make learning accounting principles more engaging and interactive for students and professionals alike.

Here are some apps for smartphones that can come handy for an accountant.

Accounting Apps:-


Cloud accounting application, FreshBooks is the fastest way to manage invoices, collections, revenue, time tracking, and other functionalities that accountants and CPAs need to run in the cloud. One of their biggest positive is that they have designed a user-friendly program to make accounting painless. The app, being fully cloud functional, can be used anywhere and anytime on your mobile.


Xero , accounting software for business, aiming to be the accounting solution for today’s SMBs, launched its app in 2012. With this app, you can add as many users as required with no additional fees.
The software can be used to connect your credit cards and bank accounts, automatically downloading the transactions when they occur. You can create bills as the job is done and see the client’s last invoice without opening the browser.


Wave app in itself is a collection of accounting apps for SMBs. It can send invoices along with adding new client records. There is a simple cash flow analytics with a clean and fluid look. It provides almost all necessary features except for time tracking. As long as your payment provider supports automated transactions, you are good to go with this app.


Kashoo is a package full of powerful features, accessible from anywhere. It gives you the control to manage finances on the go. Since the app is designed for small business owners, no accounting knowledge is required. The accountants can track bills and receipts by snapping photos. The app also generates automatic reports at regular intervals giving you insights into the financial health of your business.
The double-entry accounting program lets you implement necessary functions like tracking expenses, sending invoices, and processing payments.


As one of the most widely used accounting software, QuickBooks offers accountants with a wide range of features covering all accounting functions. QuickBooks Online , the cloud-based version of QuickBooks offers features like creating invoices, managing expenses, and sales tracking. Moreover, it also offers a dashboard where you can view all your financial data on a common platform.
However, if you want to use the desktop version on your smartphone, the only way is to host your QuickBooks Desktop software on the cloud.


SageOne , an online invoicing and accounting app, helps to manage the accounting workflow and works perfectly with Google Apps. The app lets you spend money or send bills to customer, anytime and take payments easily. It also records the expenses/payments in real time, when you are with a client.
With the app, you can create and mail invoices directly to clients, reconcile their bank and submit VAT returns anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Communication Apps:-


A collaborative platform for accountants, Slack helps in streamlining communication between the accountants and their customers. You can create different channels on the messaging platform for project discussions and sharing information, and keep your team updated with the latest developments.
Moreover, any number of users can be added by a business without any restrictions.


Skype is arguably the most popular video conferencing software, with over 10 million downloads on Google Play. Skype for Business lets you add 250 people to a single meeting with the feature of recordings and instant messaging. Moreover, you can share data like photos, videos, and files with your team members and clients. It saves time and effort by enabling you to communicate with your clients, irrespective of their location.

Organization/Project Management Apps:-


One of the best features of Evernote is the concept of notebooks. One can easily put photos, documents, and lists in assorted notebooks that can be accessed later. Evernote is a digital file cabinet with a simple interface and more conducive to making simpler notes.
The app provides you the control for organizing your information. After all, you are trying to get even more organized.


Asana is a versatile application for planning your accounting work based on deadlines, prioritizing your tasks, and tracking their progress. It enables seamless collaboration between you and your colleagues by offering a common platform for the team to share accounting data.
Asana also supports integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, so you no longer have to send documents through emails.


Trello is an easy-to-use project management application that lets you work productively by simplifying the organization of the daily accounting tasks. With Trello’s card-based format, you can easily create to-do lists and add attachments, due dates, and comments to help you remember.
Moreover, you can collaborate with your team by creating team tasks and adding members to it. Trello syncs your data across multiple devices, so you are always ahead of your tasks.

File Management Apps:-

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 application offers all your favorite office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more on your smartphones. It is a cloud-based product that stores all your data on Microsoft’s cloud servers.
Hence, even if your device is lost or damaged, all the data is safe and sound on the One Drive cloud storage. Some other additional applications included in Office 365 are Yammer, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Partnering with an experienced mobile app development team can enable accounting firms to create custom mobile solutions that streamline workflows and enhance client services.


Dropbox , a cloud storage solution, is still one of the best apps for file sharing. The ability to access documents anytime, anyplace, can transform the way you work. Instead of sending large files through mail, you can store files in Dropbox and simply provide the link for sharing. This comes out as a handy app, especially for large files.

Social Media Apps:-


Buffer is the perfect app to manage all your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn in one place. It offers the customization of your post according to the social media platform and schedule posts according to your needs.
You can analyze the performance of your social media posts with the help of reports. Buffer also lets you reply to the customers from a common inbox for all platforms.


Mailchimp is a powerful email marketing platform for accountants to create and send professional emails to clients, informing them of a new service or offer that you have introduced for them.
It also offers automated email service that sends mail to customers as they reach a certain milestone or plan renewals. Moreover, Mailchimp integrates with over 200 applications to give you a better view of all the data.

Final Note

You may have a sleek design smartphone with cutting-edge specs, but if you don’t have the right apps, you are missing out. After all, this is the age of always-connected accountant. No matter how far you travel, these apps will keep your accounting process in order.

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