2020 Is The Year To Make A Shift To Microsoft Office 365

With the ever-changing technology these days, it is very important for businesses to keep up with it in order to lead their company towards success. Changes and upgrades in technology have been taking place over the years and have constantly been improving the way people work.

After almost a decade, Windows 7 end of support is coming soon on January 14, 2020, closely followed by Office 2010 end of support on October 13, 2020. This means that even though people can continue using these versions, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support or any software or security updates, which will hamper the productivity of the desktops with Windows 7 or Office 2010.

2020 Is The Year To Make A Shift To Microsoft Office 365

But do not worry. With old technologies coming to an end, Microsoft has come up with newer technologies with even better features and benefits to help you with your work in a better manner.

Microsoft launched its latest version- Office 365, in 2011. It is an online version of the desktop-based Microsoft Office suite. Based on cloud-based subscription, it is a complete package of applications and software which will provide you a variety of features to help boost your business productivity.

So, now is the time to make a shift to Microsoft Office 365 and here is why-

1. Security

With the rate of cybercrimes increasing rapidly, security is one of the biggest concerns of any business. Since Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 7 or Office 2010, it is important to look for alternative options.

MS Office 365 suite takes care of this concern and provides its users with high-end security features like- Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA), Device Guard, Enterprise Data Protection, and a lot more.

Further, Microsoft continuously releases new security updates to keep your confidential information safe. Being on cloud adds on to its security features, and you also get data backup and recovery option in case of any loss.

So, you should migrate to MS Office 365 for a secure experience.

2. Virtual Workspace

Office 365 is a productivity suite that provides you with various features apart from the basic ones for every task like- Skype for Business for video conferencing, SharePoint for communication and collaboration, Exchange online for emails, and a lot more.

O365, being on cloud, gives you the ability to access its applications and software from anywhere around the world at any time from multiple devices. This makes communication and collaboration between multiple users easy. You can also easily integrate this suite with other software and add-ons on one common platform for all your work.

Thus, a virtual workspace is created, which helps you do every work from anywhere around the globe. This not only makes work easier but also increases flexibility and efficiency.

3. Expert Support for Your Business

Since Windows 7 and Office 2010 are coming to an end, you no longer have access to customer support for these. Thus, moving to Office 365 in 2020 would be a wise decision as Microsoft professionals are available 24*7 to solve all your queries staring from purchasing Office 365 to any technical issue you might face while using it.

Hence, your work isn’t interrupted as all your issues are immediately rectified.

4. Up-to-date Features

If you continue to use Office 2010, you will no longer get any feature or security update. But with Office 365, Microsoft provides you with automatic updates for all its applications and software without any extra charge.

Purchasing MS Office 365 once will ensure that you work on its latest version every time.

Office 365 Is the Future

Migrating to MS Office 365 would be a very smart decision. And if you are worried about making this new change, there is no need, as Microsoft professionals provide constant guide and support at each step to make this process smooth and easy for you.

If you want to know more about Office 365, get in touch with a Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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