How To Select The Best QuickBooks Premier Hosting Service For Your Business?

Recent times have seen multiple industries migrating to the cloud to leverage their resources and optimizing their business operations. Also, the accounting sector is now no stranger to cloud computing and actively using hosted accounting software for a further boosted and robust experience.

Out of all its counterparts, QuickBooks Premier is widely-favored accounting software and is used by many accountants and tax professionals. It is a desktop-based application which means that its capabilities remain limited. Like any desktop software, you cannot access your data remotely. Also, most traditional desktop setups lack the infrastructure to prevent modern-day cyber-attacks.

How To Select The Best QuickBooks Premier Hosting Service For Your Business?

Here, QuickBooks Premier hosting comes into the picture that quickly enhances its capabilities by offering unique capabilities like remote access, enhanced data security, high uptime, and more.

With such a steep rise in hosted services, losing yourself among the available options is easy.

But don’t worry! We have compiled several steps and requirements that will ease your burden and allow you to select the best QuickBooks Premier hosting service for your business:

1. Budget plan

Creating a budget plan is the foremost thing while planning to get QuickBooks Premier hosting service. You must carefully assess your organizational requirements and then prepare your budget. This will allow you to choose the hosted service that aligns best with your needs while efficiently using your resources at the same time.

2. Security system

Since the sensitive financial client data is at stake, you should only avail yourself of the Quickbooks Premier hosting service that deploys multiple security levels. They should have the latest security measures such as DDoS protection, AI surveillance, bank-grade encryption technology, and a modern IDPS system for securing your accounting data.

3. Uptime guarantee

With each passing second making a difference between profit and loss in the accounting industry, uptime availability plays a crucial role in determining your overall productivity. The best QuickBooks Premier hosting service can offer up to 99.99% SLA-backed uptime guarantee and ultimately reduce your downtime to barely 6 minutes per year!

4. Data centers

Data centers are lifelines of hosting services and are critical for determining performance output. For an optimum experience, Intuit recommends choosing only those service providers who deploy Tier 3+/Tier 4 data centers. Furthermore, they must be highly redundant and have N+1 part availability, an advanced cooling system, and a continuous power supply.

5. Free trial

Before you decide to invest in QB Premier hosting service, it is always better to take a user trial. It allows you to assess your provider’s capabilities and personally experience their service quality. Since only the best QuickBooks Premier hosting services offer one, go with those that provide at least a 10-day free trial.

6. Customer support

Customer support plays a vital role in mitigating issues you may experience during your QB Premier hosting experience. The faster their response, the less is the troubleshooting time. A renowned QB Premier service can be rapidly reached, is available round the clock, and provides multiple support modes like chat, email, or call.

7. Subscription pricing

The QuickBooks Premier hosting pricing plans should fall well within your budget. You should thoroughly study all pricing-related documentation before choosing hosting services. This will give you a clearer picture of the pricing policy and services they cover. Also, you should enquire about any hidden charges or special discounts/offers.

8. Intuit authorized provider

For a quality hosting experience, Intuit has pre-defined certain terms and conditions that must be fulfilled by QuickBooks Premier hosting services. Those who fulfill them are extensively screened and authorized by Intuit. Hence, for getting the best QB Premier hosting service, you must select QuickBooks Premier hosting from Intuit authorized service providers.

9. BCDR measures

With accounting being a data-extensive profession, it is crucial to secure the accounting data effectively. The best QuickBooks Premier hosting services devise credible BCDR (Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery) plans for guaranteed and continued data accessibility even during natural calamities or any other disruptive events. This way, you can continue your business operations without facing any losses.

10. Experience level

While there are many hosted services available in the market, not all may have experience handling the needs of an accounting firm. For the best possible experience, it is always better to go for QB Premier hosting services with sufficient expertise or have been actively catering to accountants and tax professionals.

11. End-user performance

The end-user performance of hosted QuickBooks Premier is directly linked to its server performance. A quality hosted service deploys High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers that offer higher processing speeds than the conventional servers. Also, HPC servers can easily withstand massive computational loads and still provide optimum operational output.

12. Client feedback

Before going for a QuickBooks Premier hosted service, reviewing their old customers will provide you with more insights into the actual service quality. You can use popular social media sites such as Facebook or search for their reviews on Google and Serchen.

13. Scale-up availability

With workload in the accounting industry varying seasonally, it is imperative to have a QB-hosted service that supports your changing needs. The best QuickBooks Premier hosted service offers flexible scalability plans, allowing you to scale up/down rapidly. Just intimate the service provider about your changing needs, and they will provide the necessary computational resources.


QuickBooks Premier hosting service will offer you the benefits of the cloud and enable you to integrate multiple add-ons with ease. In a nutshell, you should do proper research to select the right QuickBooks Premier hosting service before taking the final call.

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