Best Add-Ons To Delimit Sage Software

Sage is one of the market leaders for providing software for integrated accounting, payroll systems, payment systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Sage software enables the user to access all the business-related data and processes critical to your business from a single platform.

However, the demands of the businesses are unquenchable and ever-increasing. Businesses today are always looking for smarter solutions that not only add value to their companies but also enhance their efficiency.

Best Add-Ons To Delimit Sage Software

Sage software is capable of meeting most of the necessities of businesses, but there are still some limits to the software. It is not possible for Sage to do everything.

Here, add-ons come as a rescue.

A fantastic number of add-ons are available, not only to help the businesses save money, but also to maintain accurate data, share data securely, and many more.

Category Add-on
Invoices, Payment and Banking Stripe, Bilendo, GetMyInvoices
CRM SalesSeek, Capsule, OnePage CRM
Time Tracking Clockodo
Inventory DataQlick, SkuVault
Payroll & HR Payment Evolution
Data Integration DBSync, Zynk Workflow
Reporting and Forecasting 9 Spokes, CashPundit, Syft Analytics
Data Entry AutoEntry, Receipt Bank
Point of Sale (POS) Talech, Epos Now, Lightspeed Retail
Transport and Logistics Merchant QuickPAK, xCarrier TMS Bundle

Let’s explore these Sage add-ons in detail below:

1. Bilendo

Bilendo allows users to make payments and create invoices in real-time easily. According to Bilendo, they step-in where Sage stops. The essential functions of Bilendo are – output management, receivables management, accounts receivables, and many more. This add-on helps to accelerate the payment process by optimizing the cash flow process.

2. GetMyInvoices

GetMyInvoices offers a central hub to manage the invoices. It fetches invoices automatically from online portals, e-mails, and enables the users to scan receipts with the help of a smartphone. Moreover, it offers the ability to sync the invoices with the Sage software.

It further ensures that all of the information is found at a single virtual platform for future use.

3. Stripe

Stripe enables its users to make payments directly from the invoices with the help of a “Pay Now” button. Payments are automatically matched with the invoices in real-time, which ensure that the user finances are up to date.

This add-on provides a wide range of payment options that can be integrated with Sage software.

4. SalesSeek

SalesSeek is a visual online sales and marketing software specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform provides email marketing automation, contact management, task management, web analytics, and many other feature that aligns the marketing and accounting processes effortlessly.

The integration of SalesSleek with Sage ensures that all of the information is up-to-date for further processing.

5. Capsule

Capsule offers the ability to get a complete view of the business, where all kinds of contacts can be maintained in one place. Moreover, it enables the user to manage their sales pipeline, create reports, and organize their business and teams.

When integrated with Sage, it eases the task of managing leads by directly importing customers and suppliers from Capsule.

6. OnePage CRM

OnePage CRM is an easy to use sales CRM primarily for small to medium-sized businesses, which helps in managing deals efficiently. It creates invoices and contacts without any effort and thus saves time.

OnePage CRM integration with Sage helps to track each step in sales. It provides tools to assign tasks to team members and leave comments on each step for an optimized process.

7. Clockodo

Clockodo is a time tracking add-on which monitors the time entry of a client, service, or a project. When integrated with Sage, it offers feature to track time for each project and customer that further enables users to generate several reports and sort them according to the needs of the user.

8. DataQlick

DataQlick is an inventory management software that provides dynamically calculated reorder points and automatic color coding for each product like understock, overstock, stock reorder, and many more. It also helps to transfer the inventory between multiple locations with few clicks. Its integration with Sage software ensures accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping.

9. SkuVault

SkuVault is an inventory and warehouse management system, which takes the separate warehousing systems of a company and combines them to create a single system with the ability to monitor and sync in real-time.

SkuVault’s integration with Sage helps to eliminate the manual entry tasks, and hence, improves productivity.

10. Payment Evolution

Payment Evolution is an easy to use payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses. Its integration with Sage offers features like invoicing, bill payments, staff payments generating reports, and many more, which makes the payroll process smooth.

11. DBSync

DBSync is a provider of tools for data management, replication, and application integration with various software. With powerful capabilities of extract, transform, and load along with pre-built maps, DBSync allows to synchronize information easily in Sage database.

12. Zynk Workflow

Zynk Workflow enables the user to easily create workflows, which can run automatically in the background for performing any task. It can not only download orders from the e-commerce store but also can send inventory information as well as update the customer email list as and when required.

When integrated with Sage, it can automate the process of data entry, data migration, generating reports, business analysis, and more.

13. 9 Spokes

9 Spokes helps to make the decision-making process measurable and smoother as it provides a smart dashboard containing critical metrics of the crucial areas of the business. Analytical reports make it easy for the user to make the right decisions for managing and growing business.

Sage integration with 9 Spokes ensures real-time insights into business for seamless cash flow and managing employee performance.

14. CashPundit

CashPundit is an award-winning Cash Flow Management software, which identifies the shortfalls in cash balances and reports it to the user so that necessary actions can be taken well in time. When integrated with Sage, it offers reports on sales, receivables, cash inflow and outflow and cash flow statements. It is like a CRM for Cash Flow Management.

15. Syft Analytics

Syft is an analytical reporting add-on that can monitor business performance and empowers decision-making ability. When synced with Sage software, it provides management of accounts with instant ratios of the accounting data. It also generates branded PDF and Excel reports in a single click.

16. AutoEntry

AutoEntry automates data entry and documents bills, receipts, sale invoices, and card statements. It enables users to submit the documents with ease and remove standard errors along with smart analytics and auto-publishing.

AutoEntry’s integration with Sage accounting software eliminates manual data entry tasks by extracting required information from bills, payrolls, invoices, and more.

17. Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a one-stop solution to manage all the business expenses. It caters to small businesses and assists in maintaining their costs. The integration with Sage automates every task, from publishing to accounting. It also enables mobility across devices, which boosts productivity.

18. Talech

Talech is a Point-of-Sale software solution that serves the restaurant and retail businesses. It simplifies operations and generates reports to assist in analyzing to make better decisions. With this add-on, users can track inventory, customize orders, apply discounts, and manage employee hours through Sage software.

19. Epos Now

Epos Now is a Point-of-Sale solution provider for the hospitality and retail sector. Its integration with Sage offers easy synchronization of sales, stock, and customer accounts, and provides real-time access to the process and bespoke reports.

20. Lightspeed

Lightspeed retail offers mobile POS systems for retail and e-commerce businesses to manage inventory, customer preferences, and sales, and generate analytical reports to get an overview of the company.

The integration with Sage automatically sends all of the financial data into the accounting application, thereby reducing the chances of errors.

Wrapping it Up!

Transportation, advertisements, inventory management, sales reports, and file transfers are some processes that most businesses need. That is where Sage add-ons play a crucial role and become instrumental in the smooth working of the businesses.

Undoubtedly, Hosted Sage software is already studded with astonishing features, something for which it is continuously favorite among numerous categories of businesses. The technology is advancing at a quick pace, and embracing newer one is the only way to stay in the game. These add-ons are highly efficient to excel and yet do not burn a hole in the pocket.

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