6 Ways Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Can Help Save Time and Money

Sage 50 is a suitable accounting solution for SMBs. The software offers all the mechanisms and functionalities that enables easy and accurate accounting.

6 Ways Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Can Help Save Time and MoneyHowever, on-premise hosting of Sage 50 software has its limitations. Setting up the local infrastructure to host the Sage 50 software takes up a lot of your time and budget.

A solution to this is Sage 50 cloud hosting. Sage 50 on the cloud is a perfect combination a company needs to grow and make their business processes more effective and productive.

Let us see how cloud eliminates the restrictions of the desktop variant of Sage 50 and saves time and money to become immensely profitable for the users.

1. Optimum Security

When the Sage data is stored on a local system, the obligation of security of data is on the user. One has to take plenty of measures like installation of anti-virus and anti-malware software on the system.

The deployment of advanced security features cuts into the budget of the businesses and takes up a lot of time. Moreover, the hassles related to the deployment are enormous.

However, when Sage 50 is hosted on the cloud, the security of the accounting process is the responsibility of the cloud hosting provider. Various safeguards like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS & IPS) are implemented by the cloud provider to ensure that the Sage data is safe.

Also, there is no need to set up backup servers in the local premises as the cloud service provider backup the data regularly. Thus, the user saves plenty of time and money without any worry about the safety of the Sage data.

2. No Hardware Costs

In an on-premise setup, one needs to purchase the physical hardware and equipment necessary for local system setup. Every hardware has a defined lifetime and needs to be maintained and upgraded regularly. Moreover, a considerable amount of power is required to run the local systems.

By moving Sage 50 software to the cloud, all the costs associated with the hardware setup are practically eliminated. In the case of Sage 50 cloud hosting, the software, as well as data, is hosted on the cloud environment of the third-party service provider.

Hence, there is no requirement of any on-premise setup. The only devices needed are end-point devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets to access the cloud through the Internet.

3. Multi-user Accessibility

Being on local infrastructure consumes a lot of time as in order to collaborate with other users, one has to travel or converse on emails. Also, the chances of miscommunication are really high.

Hosting Sage 50 on the cloud enables the users to collaborate easily with their clients, colleagues and other users through the Internet by allowing clients or employees to work on a single file in real-time irrespective of the location from where they are accessing the data.

Companies that have offices at multiple locations or employees who work remotely with centralized access are more efficient and productive.

4. Paperless Environment

With the Sage 50 software on the cloud, there is a centralized database which takes care of all the documentation needs of the user. Thus, unnecessary paperwork is eliminated that helps to maintain a paperless culture at the workplace which benefits the environment.

This not only helps to save the time of waiting for the document to get printed and transported, but also saves money as the costs related to printing ink, printers, and other costs are eliminated.

5. Round-the-Clock Support

Every accounting firm deploys an IT team to look after the on-premise setup. The IT team is responsible for resolving all issues efficiently. However, it costs quite a lot to employ expert support professionals. Moreover, the hassles of maintaining the IT team is endless.

Sage 50 cloud hosting providers ensure a 24/7 dedicated support to help with any issues related to hosting that might arise anytime. Hence, you no longer have to employ an IT team in your premises.

6. Automatic Backup and Retrieval

Backup of data is essential as it can help in case of data loss or theft. However, when the Sage 50 is on the local infrastructure, one will have to back up the data manually. To ensure that all the data is backed up, redundant backup servers have to be set up in the premises, resulting in additional capital expenses.

However, when the Sage 50 software is hosted on the cloud, the critical Sage data backs up automatically on multiple servers which ensures efficient data recovery. Even in the event of any natural disaster, the Sage data remains secure as the data is backed up in multiple geographic locations.

Summing It Up

Sage 50 hosted on the cloud is a complete package that a business requires to get a clear overview of all the processes with optimized decision-making. With the integration of Sage 50 software with the cloud technology, the outcome is a remote, scalable, and secure business solution.

It helps businesses reduce the capital expenses as the entire hardware setup is located in the remote data centers of the third-party providers. Moreover, as the cloud providers take responsibility for data setup, data migration, as well as hardware maintenance, there are significant savings in operational cost.

Every business should look to move their Sage 50 software to the cloud for efficiency time and budget management.

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