6 Features Of Sage 300 CRE

With technology evolving every single day, almost every industry has been transformed. In particular, the construction industry has leveraged several tools and software to manage processes better. They use such software for decision making, data analysis, project management, task scheduling, and the like.

When it comes to choosing a software solution for your construction and real-estate business, there are multiple options available for you to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ solution, there are only a few options.

6 Features Of Sage 300 CRE

Sage 300 CRE is one such complete CRE solution for all your construction and real estate related needs. It offers rich features that innovate your work experience and transforms the way you do things.

Here, let’s have a look, why Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software is the right solution for you:

1. Improved Information Flow

A construction and real estate business has to handle multiple business operations like managing payments, tracking job costs, estimating expenses, etc. To ensure the overall smooth functioning, it is essential to have a seamless information flow between its different internal processes.

Sage 300 CRE offers an integrated, modular approach for each of your business operations. It ensures that your organization doesn’t experience any roadblocks with interconnected independent modules for various on-field and administrative operations.

Information can be easily managed and shared between the various departments of your organization. You can customize screens, reports, toolbars, data fields, etc. for handling data and then share it with your team members. Its Executive Dashboard accurately synchronizes data and provides you immediate access to all the critical information, giving you crucial insights and better decision making powers for your business.

2. Efficient Finance Management

Finances are the backbone of every business. Hence, it is necessary to efficiently manage your financial resources and make sound decisions for the fiscal health of your organization.

Sage 300 CRE helps you with the same. You can quickly receive payments, handle invoices, maintain a general ledger, and monitor job costs. It helps you in keeping track of all your financial transactions and precisely estimates your cash position. You can also maintain client profiles to avoid data redundancy and get timely payments.

And, for managing all project-related finances, it offers a Job Cost module for proactively identifying any project issues and forecast cost accordingly. With it, you can easily supervise RFIs, discover potential risks, and track work status.

This allows you to have complete control over your projects along with better utilization of your financial resources. It also protects you from budding cost overruns and safeguards the fiscal health of your business.

3. Better Project Management

One of the hurdles every construction business faces is managing their projects. While balanced project management allows an organization to gain greater profits, a poorly managed one can hurt the finances and cause considerable losses. It can also hurt your reputation, thus damaging the credibility in the market.

However, with Sage 300 CRE, you can stop worrying about all your project-related issues. You can easily track costs, contracts, and documents for smooth project management. You can also monitor your projects on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that they remain within budgets and are completed timely.

And since one can access all critical data using their smartphones and tablets, your on-field and administrative teams can collaborate and smoothen the work processes. Also, it offers an intuitive user interface for data entry into documents. It follows the same layout as your paper document would, thus, further ensuring ease in project management.

4. Getting The Services Right

Customers and employees are the two pillars necessary for a successful business outcome. While clients are essential to keep your business running, it’s imperative to implement a refreshing work environment for your employees.

Using Sage 300 CRE allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can easily manage work orders, service requests, and offer accurate quotes. And, since every piece of information is synchronized, you can ease up all your billing processes, avoiding data redundancy and errors.

This further makes things convenient for your clients and your employees. Also, as your technicians can easily access their assignments and schedules, they can work with double the efficiency and half their working time.

It also offers various handy features when it comes to doing compliance management for your firm. You can securely store the compliance items and accurately track lien waivers, certified reports, insurance, and miscellaneous documents.

5. Keeping Everything Together

In a construction and real estate business, one has to deal with a significant amount of data. They have to keep track of multiple projects at once and provide quality service at the same time. Analyzing your organization’s data helps you monitor its performance, allowing you to adjust accordingly and keep things profitable for you.

With Sage 300 CRE, you can export your data to Excel or PowerPoint and freely communicate critical information across your organization.

You can also view cash snapshots, company overview, job profit, etc. It updates your estimates in real-time, alerting you whenever they go over the line and needs adjustments correspondingly. You can even track the required productivity to ensure the timely completion of your project.

You can also use Sage SQL gateway for consolidating data from multiple company sources. So, when it comes to synchronizing your information pool accurately, Sage 300 CRE is the perfect solution.

6. Giving You A Limitless Experience

One attribute of Sage 300 CRE is that it allows you to do more with less. With its MyAssistant, you can innovate your working experience and efficiently leverage your resources. You can automatically generate reports, emails, and spreadsheets. It can also perform various other features: alerting your subcontractor about the insurance expiry, notifying about RFI, change request, etc.

Also, to ensure that your projects are within budgets, it can inform project managers with cost codes that can potentially go over their pre-set limits. For precise assets management, Sage 300 CRE offers Sage Fixed Assets Solution.

Using it, you can make depreciation calculations, track asset inventory, and do customized reporting. You can also monitor your tax legislation to avoid all those last-minute compliance issues and audits. It also offers a flexible mode of payments and can even deposit a check electronically. It has the latest data security measures and is PCI-compliant to reduce risks of credit card fraud.


Sage 300 CRE is a powerful software that streamlines your business processes. Benefits like improved data management, better information workflow, easy management of work orders, etc. make it one of the best software in the industry.

However, if you want to enable the remote access feature, consider hosting Sage 300 CRE on the cloud.

Need to know more about Sage 300 CRE features or cloud hosting? Reach out to one of our Solutions Consultants at +1-855-223-4887.

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