Reasons Why Contractors Need Sage 100 Contractor On The Cloud

Having control over the various elements that make up a successful construction business is essential for contractors. A lot goes into managing a profitable organization, from budgeting and resource allocation to remaining one step ahead of the competition. That’s where a specialized solution like Sage 100 Contractor can help.

However, in today’s technologically evolved world, more is needed than solely depending on conventional on-premise software. The rise of cloud computing has changed the game for contractors, making hosting Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud a popular option. Below we have identified the six reasons contractors should consider hosting Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud. Have a look! 


Top 6 Reasons to Host Sage 100 Contractor on the Cloud 

Here are the reasons. to host Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud:

1. Easy Access to Data from Anywhere

Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud helps in improving mobility for contractors. They no longer have to be physically present in office locations and can make decisions from anywhere. This flexibility provides numerous advantages, such as managing projects from multiple locations, addressing issues away from a traditional desk setting, and sending instructions quickly to concerned parties. 

Furthermore, having access to real-time data ensures that contractors are always updated with the latest developments. Sage 100 Contractor integration in the cloud boosts efficiency and productivity by decreasing time gaps caused by physical documentation or manual operations. As a result, deploying Sage 100 Contractor on a remote server allows contractors to run their business more simply and effectively.

2. No Downtime During Outages

Business continuity is essential for all companies, including those in the construction sector. Power outages raise the possibility of being unable to retrieve critical company data and applications. These may negatively influence consumers or result in revenue loss if operations cannot continue. It may also result in considerable production interruption and financial losses. Furthermore, firms may incur significant costs to repair or replace equipment or systems during recurrent outages caused by ongoing maintenance concerns. 

Sage 100 Contractor hosted in the cloud offers automated backups and data recovery. This functionality maintains the security of all project-related data, independent of hardware or software failures. It also provides the peace of mind and company continuity that traditional on-premise solutions cannot offer.

Your cloud hosting company can confidently manage any unforeseen hardware or software breakdown, regardless of its source. They may create and execute preventative maintenance strategies to achieve optimum component uptime and minimal component failure. Services are not impacted during implementation due to redundant infrastructure. While carrying out the maintenance plan, only essential modifications are made following the minimal change policy. 

Also, you don’t need to worry about data loss either; since the backups are securely stored offsite, any temporary disruption in service will not result in permanent damage. It helps protect both your projects and your business from any unforeseen emergency.

3. Round-the-clock Customer Support

In terms of client service, Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting simplifies financial administration. Contractors that use a reputable cloud hosting provider may expect dedicated customer support specialists to answer any queries or handle any difficulties that may emerge throughout their workflow. It means that no matter where you are or what time it is, you can obtain the help and guidance you want swiftly and efficiently. Contractors may feel more confident knowing they have someone watching their back regarding financial management due to Sage 100 Contractor’s exceptional customer service.  

4. Physical, Endpoint & Network Data Security

Cloud computing offers enhanced security that on-premises solutions cannot match. Users can benefit from cutting-edge security features like two-factor authentication and encryption of all data – both in transit and at rest – when Sage 100 Contractor is hosted in the cloud. Furthermore, frequent backups ensure that data is always available during a calamity. 

Contractors can rest easy knowing their data is safe from harmful assaults when a reputable cloud service provider like Ace Cloud backs Sage 100 software. The cloud hosting company’s IT professionals are always looking for possible hazards and quickly resolving them before they become problems. They develop preventative maintenance programs that need particular actions to ensure optimum uptime and minimum component failure. Also, they implement a high-level permission system with malware detection to keep track of any unexpected activity. 

5. Effective Team Collaboration

 Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud promotes team collaboration and enhances the productivity of your construction business. When stored in a shared online location, files are easier to find and access. Employees no longer need to regularly email their team colleagues to get an updated version of a file. 

In addition, having access to the correct file versions eases discussions, ensures everyone is on the same page, and dramatically improves team collaboration. Sharing all project details and files with the entire team improves team member engagement because all members can contribute equally.   

Also, Sage 100 Contractor integration in the cloud helps access powerful communication tools that allow teams to collaborate remotely. These capabilities create an environment where team members feel connected and engaged in collaborative efforts regardless of their physical location.  

6. Slash IT Expenses

The construction project includes various raw materials, labor, and equipment costs. Budget overheads are a common issue in the construction process, and any step leading to a reduction of expenses is a welcome move.    

The contractors can experience reduced capital and operational expenses by moving Sage 100 Contractor software to the cloud. As the software and data are hosted on the cloud, there is no need for high-tech hardware in the office. It reduces IT expenditure significantly. Moreover, using third-party cloud services allows you to choose from various pricing plans (monthly and annual). As a result, you have to pay the provider only for what you use based on your needs. 

Why Contractor Need Sage 100 on Cloud:

Construction companies and building professionals who migrate to the cloud can take advantage of technological advances in a manner that will drive business productivity, continuity, and security. A cloud solution like Sage 100 Contractor hosting can enable contractors in charge of projects that span geographies to accomplish much more with fewer resources. The elimination of hardware limitations, improved accessibility, and data loss prevention easily outweigh the collective benefits of legacy or traditional technology platforms.

Ace Cloud provides reliable and secure cloud hosting services for Sage 100 Contractor, allowing businesses to manage their operations from anywhere globally. Our clients can confidently run their operations since our customer service team is always there to help and support them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maximize the potential of the cloud! 


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