There are various methods by which accounting users can resume their QuickBooks file if it is somehow affected by server crash. There may be various questions surrounding a user’s mind as to how QuickBooks functionality can be resumed with all updated files after a server crash? Some of the most common dilemmatic questions have been answered here:

What instant preventive measures can be taken at the time of server crash?

Switch off the server and take out the wirings of the system from the power source. Push the power button for 7-8 seconds. If the system just got trumped out, then the possibility of this starting again will prevail. If restart doesn’t occur, then it becomes mandatory to get it checked by some hardware vender to resume its operation.

QuickBooks Usage After Server Crash

What would happen if hard disk fails?

The major impact of server crash occurs on hard disk. Due to sudden breakdowns, the circuit of hard disk often burns thereby leaving it in a damaged state. Due to the failure of hard disk, your software will not work and ask for a reboot. The failure of hard disk may cause immense loss to your data. It is therefore advisable to keep at least 3 copies of your data as backup at regular intervals of time and also in an updated state.

What to do after a server crash occurs?

If the server crashes, you must immediately contact to your server vendor and ask them to upload operating system once again. Due to power outages, the server software sometimes crashes down and it becomes difficult to start. After installation of operating system, the server will start functioning again. Vendor support can be taken in server installation.

What happens if server crashes at the time of working on an opened QuickBooks file?

If the server crash occurs at the time when work was going on a QuickBooks file, then the possibility of corruption of that file is increased. The symptom of a corrupt file is that it will take unusual time in opening or throw an error specifying “file could not be recognized” or “file could not be opened”.

What happens if any QuickBooks file is damaged?

If any file is damaged, try to recover it from the ‘Recovery’ option. If you are unable to recover the file, nothing can be done. Under these circumstances, you will lose all your data or information and you have to start your work again on the same file. It is advisable you to save data in between while working. This helps in recovery process. The system recovers the file from where it was last saved which is also referred to as the last ‘checkpoint’.

The issues discussed above are quite crucial and possibly, out of troubleshooting scope of an accountant. IT help, backup, server installation and maintenance all add up to a huge expense which is in most cases, not worth investing solely for accountancy purposes. Here, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting can be a feasible path to opt for. The server and major hardware is set up, maintained and upgraded by the service provider and any sort of hardware issue is their trouble. Through their intensely backed up consistent systems, hosted QuickBooks providers ensure complete availability of your data anytime, anywhere in a secure and stable state.

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