5 Requirements of Accountant to Prepare Your Taxes

Unless your income tax payment is small and simple stuff, an accountant is almost a necessity. With the tax season on and deadlines arriving, taking the tax tasks could be tough. Relying on an expert in the field is a safe option that lends you peace of mind.


To deliver a satisfactory service with the tax preparations, here are some of the important requirements of an accountant:

1. A Discussion With You to Start

Accountant will require certain details of your tax requirements, such as – if you are filing taxes as a business or an individual, how your business operates, etc. To begin a lasting and fruitful relationship with the accountant, it is crucial to make things clear right from the beginning. Accountant will have to understand the tax specifications of your business for which a meeting over it is a good way to go.

As you know your business the best, you can explain certain details to the accountant with ease. Most likely the accountant will ask you to carry few business documents at the meeting. These documents could be shareholder numbers, investor plan, articles of incorporation, tax identification number (state & federal), previous tax details, etc.

2. Time, Targets & Plan

Once the accountant understands the way your finance requirements, he would like to know your objectives. You might not be the only client of the accountant. Considering his availability and your requirements, the accountant will decide the rest of the procedure of tax filing for you. Other factors that will come into consideration are time frame left to the deadlines, complexity of your business, tax saving targets that you are looking for, availability of financial documents with you. You can negotiate on various terms at this stage. Once the plan is set, it is the time for execution.

3. Financial Document

At the end, financial documents are all that matter with the tax filing. From income to expenses, it is the documents that help the accountant prepare authentic and accurate tax files. Arranging these documents can be herculean task unless you have opted for a reliable accounting software.

Accounting software can track the financial transactions automatically and arrange them into the category (expenses or income) that they belong. Apart from account statement, documents related to repair expenses, insurances plans, loans, etc. and forms, like – MISC-1099 Form, will also be required.

4. Proofs for Deductions

After analyzing your financial documents, the accountant can suggest the best possible tax deductions, you are eligible for. For the suggested deduction options, you will have to provide the proofs, such as – donation receipt from the charitable institute, bills of business travels, etc.

Backed by the proofs that are able to offer, the accountant will be able to prepare the final tax files with the eligible deduction amount for various categories.

On the base of actual applicable tax and deductions available on them, tax preparation is finalized. So, it is important not only to save the sale receipts and invoices but also the documents that can bring down your taxes.

5. Collaboration Over Accounting Software or Tax Application

At various steps of the tax preparation, the accountant will require collaborating with their assistant, colleague, you (client), etc. on the tax files and forms. It is an outdated practice to expect all these documents being shared over email. Cloud computing is the new trend.

It allows real-time collaboration among the different parties. So, not only the possibilities of file sharing are eliminated, but the efficiency is also enhanced as multiple users can work together on the same file.

In case, you are not willing to leave your desktop application, you can still move to the cloud by choosing the hosting option. Cloud hosting of desktop application will ensure that you can get all the benefits of the cloud without missing out on any feature of the original application.

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