Last updated on January 11th, 2023

Do you feel irritated by a huge number of sheets with just numbers in them? Are you tired of seeing the infinite number of rows and columns? We’ve all been there.

10 Reasons Why You Need QuickBooks For Your BusinessYou need something extra for your business – an advanced software that is easy to use.

This is where QuickBooks accounting software comes into play. Since its introduction, it has revolutionized the accounting scenario for small and medium accounting firms, especially in the United States.

It saves time and money by helping businesses streamline their accounting, monitoring, and reporting processes.

Why QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a top-rated accounting software among accounting professionals in the USA. It is perfect for businesses of any size and takes care of all their accounting needs.

Let’s see the 10 reasons why you need QuickBooks for your business.

1. Integrations

Do you feel that you’ll need several third-party integrations as your business grows? QuickBooks connects with over 700 integrations, just like the monkey bars connect with swings in the playground. This ensures that your processes and workflows are connected to each other and facilitate smooth business operations.

2. Pocket Friendly

When you choose QuickBooks, you’ve already started saving money by opting for the best value for money software. QuickBooks ensures that running a business becomes pocket friendly; you can run a business worth millions of dollars in just a few hundred dollars.

3. Generate Financial Reports

QuickBooks aims to help you run your business better. It allows you to generate financial reports from the data so that you can quickly analyze it and make better business decisions. You can focus on processes that generate revenue and forecast your business growth with the help of reports such as:

  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Statement of Cash Flows

4. User Community

QuickBooks is a tech-driven accounting solution. Hence, accountants and CPAs may face difficulties while performing a task or upgrading the software. The benefit of using QuickBooks is that it is a widely-used software in the USA and has a large community where users and tech-enthusiasts can help solve your concerns.

5. Digital Payments

How do you take payments from clients who do not carry cash? Do you wait for checks from them? If yes, QuickBooks solves such problems with the help of its online billing component, taking your payment system to the next level. You can send invoices through emails and charge your clients through their debit and credit cards.

6. User Permissions

Are you witnessing rapid growth in your business and hiring more financial professionals? Do you need more user permissions when they join? QuickBooks offers lightning-fast licenses to companies. The management can configure the rights to be given to new joiners and protect the sensitive data.

7. It Saves Time

QuickBooks makes the bookkeeping process simpler. Monotonous tasks such as downloading transactions, signing checks can be fully automated. For example, you can save your signature in the system to sign checks to save time.

8. Ensures Timely Payment

The whole point of maintaining financial records, reports, and invoices is to get paid on time. A software with shiny features that forgets about the basics is of no use. With QuickBooks, you can create invoices, send them to your clients, and check whether they have seen the invoice or not. If not, you can contact them to be paid on time.

9. Payroll Processing

Manual processing of payroll may lead to mistakes, and no company wants that. It is a sensitive field where a small mistake can result in unhappy employees. QuickBooks can handle payroll activities and automate the whole process.

Another cool feature is that QuickBooks payroll is integrated with QuickBooks so that all your transactions are updated, and you can see all the relevant information while paying your taxes.

10. Filing Taxes

If you still have a shoebox filled with receipts and transaction details, you’re making the task of filing taxes difficult for your accountant. He will take hours or days to find the relevant information, and still, there’ll be chances of a mistake.

With QuickBooks, all your data is stored at a single place, which can be easily accessed when needed. Every transaction detail and bank statement will be there for the accountant to see and verify, making the tax filing process straightforward and precise.


QuickBooks is a modern-day solution that caters to the needs of every business. It is a customer-oriented solution, meaning that the folks at Intuit value customer feedback and work towards satisfying their needs.  However, you can try hosting QuickBooks on the cloud for enhanced features of remote access and business continuity.

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