4 Biggest Reasons to Choose QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for Business Accounting

Accounting is the game of numbers and thus, requires great attention to play with. Most of the CPAs and accounting firms prefer using QuickBooks to do their work.

But IT errors can occur at any point in time while using this renowned accounting software. These errors are frustrating to deal and may take a considerable amount of time and effort to get resolved.

Still, the chance of problem resolution is bare minimum without getting the necessary help from IT experts.


QuickBooks Hosting is an advanced alternative to building a better accounting environment.

But it makes a lot of accountants think why they should switch from the desktop version of QuickBooks to cloud-hosted QuickBooks.

If you are also an accountant, here is what you need to know about choosing QuickBooks hosting

1. Remote Accessibility

Using the desktop version of QuickBooks limits an individual to work at the computer system only.

No matter how much important work he/she has, one needs to return to the computer to get it done.

At the other end, hosting QuickBooks on the cloud gives a new edge to the accounting operations. When hosted on the cloud, the software and data can be easily accessed from anywhere and at any time, being a part of the centralized database.

Multiple users can work on the same data files simultaneously using cloud technology.

Furthermore, the chosen cloud solution provider offers support services for all the IT related hassles that may occur.

2. Data Security

While using the desktop version of QuickBooks, the users are responsible for ensuring the security of data files and software. So, the risk of data theft or loss is higher.

If you set up an in-house server to keep the data safe, you need to invest in several security measures, which is generally not feasible for a small accounting firm.

QuickBooks hosting is a good option for such needs. The application and data are hosted on the remote servers of the cloud solution provider you choose. It ensures complete protection of data made possible through several security methods.

3. Data Recovery

While using the desktop version of QuickBooks, you may lose your data in some situations and won’t get it recovered.

For instance, your computer can crash at any instant, and it becomes nearly impossible to get the data back.

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But with QuickBooks cloud hosting, the risk of data loss gets minimized. The cloud service providers save their clients’ data in several remote locations. In case of any disruptive event, the data can be easily recovered without causing much inconvenience or delay.

4. Flexibility to Do Work

While using the desktop version of QuickBooks, you cannot ask for flexibility to work from home or remote locations.

Maintaining balance sheets, creating financial statements, sharing reports to the clients, etc., you need to be in your office to get your work done.

In case you couldn’t get the job done on time as required, the work will surely hamper.

With the cloud hosting solutions, you and your clients can be on the same page about the work. You can give them authorized access to the cloud-hosted data to view the job done. This will simplify the tasks at hand for you, thus giving you more flexibility at work.


As detailed above, accountants can get maximum advantages of using cloud technology and host QuickBooks on the cloud.

Desktop accounting is also suitable for them. But the cloud solutions make it even simpler for them to handle the work-related challenges.

If you want to get your QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, connect with a Solution Consultant now at 855-362-3703.

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  • Phil Ewels says:

    So true, QuickBooks cloud hosting has made billing and other accounting operations easy, especially for small business like us.

  • Denis Kahnzhiyev says:

    QuickBooks cloud hosting has now become a preferred option for many SMEs as well as accountants. This helps to manage the exhausting accounting tasks easily.

  • Chris Russell says:

    The cloud hosting software is essential for CPAs like us who work on flexible schedules and travel regularly. Anytime, anywhere accessibility of the software just makes it easier to handle the accounting transactions.

  • Bethany Marzewski says:

    Cloud hosting services are truly beneficial for SMBs. One of the best advantages is the accessibility to accounting and financial transactions from anywhere.

  • Henry Clark says:

    The task of accountants has been made easier with cloud hosting. There is no need to send the data files to their clients individually. In fact, they can now access the data from anywhere virtually.

  • Brandon Shutter says:

    Cloud hosting of QuickBooks has made the task of accounting much faster now since the handling of financial transactions has become much easier.

  • D. E. Shaw says:

    Financial sector is certainly ahead of other sectors in adapting cloud hosting techniques. To run data-intensive applications, this has emerged as the perfect solution.

  • John Rogers says:

    Financial sector has been affected positively by cloud hosting. There has been a considerable reduction in our operational IT costs since we have adopted QuickBooks cloud hosting.

  • Cameron Thomas says:

    A secure, multi-user environment provided by QuickBooks hosting is the main reason for us to switch to hosting.

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