Top 5 Benefits of Quicken Hosting

Just like businesses, individuals do need to take care of their personal finances. They need to manage their regular expenses, which generally includes credit card bills, investments, etc. To help them in managing their personal financial activities, there is Quicken, one of the most popular budgeting software systems across the globe.

Top 5 Benefits of Quicken HostingAs a comprehensive personal finance software, Quicken is designed to make the users know how and where their money is getting spent. One can link all his/her financial accounts, be it bank accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment details, etc. with Quicken to synchronize all the financial information in one place. This minimizes the dependence of similar other applications.

If you use Quicken to manage your expenses and savings as per your earnings smartly, you must be having it installed in your personal computer. However, one way to add more value to this software is to opt for Quicken hosting. Moving the software to the cloud eliminates the risks associated with the on-premise setup.

Here are five benefits of hosting Quicken on the cloud you should know –

1. Complete Data Security

Just imagine having Quicken software installed on your personal computer. As a user, you have the responsibility to secure the data in it. Having your financial information saved in the software means you need to invest in an anti-virus or anti-malware system.

Deploying additional security safeguards, thus becomes an additional expense. Furthermore, you may need help from a professional to get it installed if you are not tech-savvy.

The simplest way to get rid of all these hassles and security risks is to opt for Quicken hosting. This way, the responsibility of keeping your data and application secure falls into the lap of the chosen cloud hosting provider.

In general, various security measures like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, etc. are implemented by cloud service providers to keep your data safe. So, you can rest assured that your financial data is kept in a highly secure environment.

2. Remote Accessibility

A lot of individuals have Quicken installed in their desktop computers kept at home or office. But the thing is – you may need to visit multiple locations for work or personal reasons at any point in time. Being able to use Quicken only when you are sitting at your computer limits its usage to some extent and reduces work flexibility.

By having Quicken hosted on the cloud, you will get the primary benefit of remote accessibility. No matter where you are, you can access the software, check your bank and credit card accounts, create a budget, categorize expenses, track investments, pay bills, etc. Not just that, you can easily access it through your portable devices, be it smartphones or tablets.

In simple words, you can overcome the constraints of time and location related to accessing Quicken software by hosting it over a secure cloud.

3. Ease of Managing Personal and Business-Related Finances

Keeping your finances up to date all the time is a complicated task. If you are a business owner, you want to keep track of your business-related expenses along with your personal finances. You want to keep track of profits and losses, tax deductions, rental rates, lease terms, etc.

With advanced versions of Quicken such as ‘Home & Business’ etc. hosted on the cloud, it becomes easy to manage it all in one place. If you have been using multiple software to get these tasks done or have hired people to do the same for you, Quicken hosting will help you save money.

Since the software and data get saved on the cloud, you need not worry about upgrading the local storage and hardware resources.

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4. Improved Efficiency at Work

Just like in business, your success in life also depends on how well you can manage personal finances. If you have ever felt being stuck in some situation because of lack of funds, increasing expenses, etc., you can easily understand this fact. By feeling tensed about the bills to be paid, the profits and losses, etc., an individual pre-occupies his mind with negativity, which may hamper his work-life.

By using cloud hosted Quicken software, you can manage and handle your personal financial data efficiently. This will help you get rid of the mental stress, thereby resulting in higher productivity in your work. You can focus more on what matters the most than worrying about petty issues in dealing with your finances.

5. 24×7 Customer Support

While using an advanced software hosted on a local computer, some uncertain issues may arise at any point in time. The same is true for Quicken. To get them resolved, you may need help from a professional, which costs money and time. Depending on the complicacy you are facing, the chosen tech-expert will charge you for his services.

However, you can get round-the-clock support by getting Quicken hosted on a cloud. The chosen cloud service provider will ensure that the IT-related issues get resolved in no time. So, you won’t need to call a paid professional at your end.

Summing It Up

Hosting Quicken application on the cloud gives an additional boost to its in-built features that can help you deal with your personal finances. As a result, you get a remotely accessible, secure, and efficient solution to all your financial worries.

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