What Is QuickBooks Server Hosting, The Benefits and Who Should Use It?

When we think of hosting QuickBooks in the cloud, we mostly consider the public clouds, where infrastructure is shared by many other clients worldwide, via an internet connection. Cloud technology offers many benefits for accountants and CPAs, as it provides great flexibility and reduces costs.

What Is QuickBooks Server Hosting, The Benefits and Who Should Use It?

However, availability and security issues are still a concern. It is the reason an increasing number of accounting firms are opting for private clouds. Businesses that need more security would need to invest in private clouds. However, they should also ensure that they can trust the performance and availability of services.

What is QuickBooks Server Hosting?

QuickBooks server hosting is a form of cloud computing which is used by only one organization or individual can host their QuickBooks software on a remote server that is completely isolated from others.

This means that when you are investing in QuickBooks server hosting, you are getting access to your hosted hardware, storage, networking, and RAM – none of which would be shared with any other user.

QuickBooks server hosting offers high performance and a scalable data center infrastructure which combines accessibility, security and accelerated time to value.

Features and Benefits of QuickBooks Server Hosting?

We’ve compiled below top six reasons why your accounting firm should rethink your IT infrastructure and consider the benefits offered by QuickBooks cloud server.

1. Increased Security and Privacy with Dedicated Hardware

One of the significant benefits of hosting QuickBooks on a private cloud is the improved level of protection as compared to the public cloud. All the information and files are saved and managed on servers to which no other organization has access. With proper physical security, firewall rules in place, and updated anti-virus software, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

2. Improved Performance

With QuickBooks remote server hosting, the resources within the company’s infrastructure are entirely at the disposal of the cloud’s owner. There would be no contention with any other firm for capacity and also reduced the probability of a malicious attack against other company to affect your company’s ability to function.

At the virtual layer, scaling of resources is as simple as deploying and configuring new servers. At the physical layer, new servers can be added to maximize the capacity of the platform.

3. Cost Savings

With QuickBooks private server hosting, you would not only save your expenses but also the cost incurred to buy hardware resources, their maintenance, and IT staff. Automation of process reduces operational costs and frees up employees to focus more on providing better services to the clients instead of being jumbled up in mundane accounting tasks.

According to a study from 451 Research, the private cloud can be less expensive for many firms. Experts suggest that because of many hidden charges such as network bandwidth, companies aren’t aware of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of hosting their applications on a public cloud.

The research indicates that 41% of decision-makers find private cloud less expensive as compared to the public cloud. Further, 24% agreed that they are paying a premium of 10% or less for their private cloud. This is well worth it as the private cloud offers many significant benefits to the companies.

4. Total Control

QuickBooks server hosting can help meet a firm’s specific requirements – architecture, scaling and performance. When your QuickBooks is hosted on a third-party provider’s cloud in a privately hosted environment, you get more control over your infrastructure and data.

It allows you to mediate promptly in case any changes are needed. Your IT staff can use advanced analytics to monitor QuickBooks deployment and prevent bottlenecks or downtime issues. They can also better regulate the use of resources according to their business’ requirements.

5. Easier Customization

QuickBooks cloud server hosting allows you to configure the platform in a way which best suits your business’s needs. It can adapt to businesses of different objectives, sizes, overhead and other factors. Determine your business’s requirements and decide what works best for you depending on the scalability, security and availability requirements.

6. Improved Reliability

No matter how secure your network (where QuickBooks is hosted) is, downtime in some form will sometimes happen. This, however, can spell disaster for companies that are dependent on those networks to keep their information safe and secure.

QuickBooks remote server hosting, on the other hand, provides a virtual operating environment which is more resilient to breakdowns in the physical system. Also, the cloud architecture is redundant which is not shared by others in any way.

Who Should Opt for QuickBooks Server Hosting?

Once you have determined your business’ cloud priorities and needs, you can decide if QuickBooks server hosting is the right fit for the company. Companies with predictable and consistent resource demands should consider QuickBooks server hosting. This way they can take full advantage of their resources and manage their cloud spends easily.

QuickBooks private server is also the best option for companies which can benefit from the increased flexibility of a virtualized environment. It helps improve performance as the servers running more resource-intensive applications are provided with increased computing power.

To determine if your company would benefit from hosted QuickBooks server, evaluate your company’s compliance, security, flexibility and, cost requirements. A quality QuickBooks server hosting provider can help you with these evaluations and make recommendations specifically for your company.

In Conclusion: Save Time, Save Money and Sleep Easy with a Transition to QuickBooks Server Hosting

Besides offering many advantages of pooled computing resources, QuickBooks server hosting helps businesses maintain reliability and security of a dedicated server.

These were some considerations in favor of QuickBooks private server. Whether it is the best fit for your business, that’s something you can determine based on your business needs and goals.

If you’re considering hosting of QuickBooks on private server, it is advisable to select a cloud provider you can trust and work with their solution architects.

Ace Cloud Hosting is your partner of choice to help you select the right fit to hosting your QuickBooks on remote server. Contact 855-223-4887 to find out if QuickBooks server hosting is right for your business.

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