Is QuickBooks Desktop Pro Cloud-Based?

QuickBooks is a software widely used by accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, and accounting firms to manage accounting and financial processes efficiently. Among its many versions, QuickBooks Pro is the one that caters to the needs of small businesses with up to 3 users. It allows its users to create purchase orders, generate reports, or track inventory.

Is QuickBooks Desktop Pro Cloud-Based?However, the latest advancements in technology, such as cloud computing, have changed the way of processing accounting information. Still, there is some confusion among accountants on what cloud-based applications are, whether it is different from the application they already use or not.

A similar question arises with QuickBooks Pro- Is it cloud-based or desktop-based?

QuickBooks Pro is desktop software and not a cloud-based application. However, it can be enhanced with cloud capabilities by hosting it on the cloud servers of a third-party service provider.

Steps To Host QuickBooks Pro

Here are the steps to host your QuickBooks Pro software on the cloud.

1) Choose the hosting provider as per the business requirements.

2) Use the existing QuickBooks Pro license or purchase a new license to share with the cloud service provider.

3) The licensed copy of the software is installed on the cloud servers by the hosting provider.

4) Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is set up to provide connectivity between the end-user device and the server.

5) Access the QuickBooks Pro via a web browser or RDP shortcut.

Benefits of cloud-based QuickBooks Pro

Now, let’s check out the benefits of Cloud-based QuickBooks Pro that accountants needs.

1) Seamless Collaboration

When QuickBooks Pro is installed on local systems, multiple users cannot make changes to the single file at the same time. Whereas, cloud-hosted QuickBooks Pro allow accountants and their clients to access and edit files, simultaneously.

2) Enhanced Add-On Integration

An accountant uses multiple applications apart from QuickBooks Pro to manage tasks such as- storing data securely, tracking employees’ time, creating bills, and managing projects. QuickBooks Pro hosting enables its users to integrate multiple third-party add-ons seamlessly without affecting the performance of the software.

3) Easy File Sharing

The accounting process involves the gathering of information such as invoices, deposit slips, banking receipts, payroll, etc. When working on a local system, information is collected via a repetitive and time-consuming to-and-fro exchange of emails or fax. QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting solves this problem by letting users access the information on a common cloud platform.

4) Flexibility Of Plans And Scalability Of Resources

An accountant might not need multiple resources all year round. However, as the busy season approaches, they might find the need for more resources. With QuickBooks Pro hosting, the accountants can upscale or downscale their resources instantly, paying only for what they use.

5) Reduced on-premise IT expenses

To handle any technical issues and errors of local computer systems, accountants require an on-premise IT team. Its maintenance can take a toll on the financial budget of the small business owner, especially during the initial stages. With QuickBooks Pro desktop hosting, the service providers offer effective technical support on a round-the-clock basis.

What To Look For In A QuickBooks Pro Hosting Provider

The choice of cloud hosting provider impacts the performance of cloud-based QuickBooks Pro. So here are few features one should keep in mind while considering QB Pro hosting provider.

1) Intuit Authorization

Intuit Authorization should be the first thing an accountant should look for when choosing a QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting provider. It ensures that the provider has credibility and will provide authentic services.

2) Uptime Provided

It is vital to the business that the QuickBooks Pro is up and running the whole time. And for that, uptime is one criterion to consider when choosing the cloud service provider. Prefer a hosting provider that guarantees a minimum of 99.99 percent uptime.

3) Data Backup

Data backup is one service provided by almost every cloud service provider. However, the points to be considered is the duration for which the backup is stored and the recovery time. Ask the provider for their backup services and get information on whether they provide an extension on request or not.

4) HPC Servers

While working on accounting processes, an accountant needs to be fast and precise in their work. Thus, the QuickBooks Pro Desktop software should run without lag to ensure efficient services to clients. It is where the HPC (High-Performance Computing) environment comes into play. HPC servers provide powerful performance even with heavy applications.

5) Data Center location

One might think about how does location matters when choosing a hosting provider. But, location does play a crucial role. The location of the data center should be least prone to natural disasters to ensure the maximum safety of your accounting data and applications.

6) Multi-layer Security

Accounting data includes all the confidential details of the business and clients. Thus, look for a hosting provider who can manage security at all layers, i.e., network, host, and physical setup. You can also look for security features like IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention & Detection System), data encryption, and access controls.


BCDR is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. It shows the capability of hosting provider to restore the hosting services after any disruption, such as a natural disaster. You should look for a provider who doesn’t charge any additional cost for this service.

8) Customer Services

Technical errors can pop-up without warning. It directly hampers the productivity of the accounting process. Hence, the cloud provider needs to provide round-the-clock customer services to resolve the errors as soon as they occur.

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