QuickBooks Pro 2019: What’s New

Used by thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and CPA firms, QuickBooks software is one of the best business accounting software in the U.S. market. It has been designed with advanced features to support accounting businesses in several different ways.

To attract more users and retain the existing ones every year, Intuit adds new and improved features to QuickBooks Pro, one of the most popular versions of QuickBooks. These additional features help professional accountants in streamlining their business processes.

QuickBooks Pro 2019 What's NewAs expected, QuickBooks Pro 2019 is here. If you are a CPA, its new features and improvements will help you run your business more efficiently. Plus, you will gain a better experience of using the software.

Here, we are going to talk about what is new in QuickBooks Pro 2019. So, let’s dig deeper –

QuickBooks Pro 2019 – New Features and Improvements

 1. Customer Invoice Status Tracker

This is a new feature introduced in QuickBooks Pro 2019 which makes real-time invoice status tracking possible. You can see the consolidated view of an invoice status that includes its date of creation, due date, e-mail, customer name, etc. Having all the information related to the customer invoice history available in one place; it will become easier for you to connect timely with your clients about the receivables.

QuickBooks Customer Invoice Status TrackerImage Credit: Firm Of The Future

2. Credit Transfer Between Jobs of the Same Customer

Using this feature, you can easily apply a customer’s unused credits to different jobs. In the ‘Apply Credits’ window, you can see the customer and the job to which the credit is currently assigned. But it is now possible to assign that credit to other jobs of the same customer record.

You should also know that –

  • Transferring credits from one job to another for the same customer cannot be undone. If needed, you can make future corrections by doing a separate transaction.
  • QuickBooks records a transaction through a Current Asset type account namely ‘Account for Credit Transfer.’ Whenever you assign a credit from one job to another for the first time, this account gets automatically added. However, you cannot perform this credit transfer between jobs of a customer if you do not have a ‘Chart of Accounts’ access.
  • Transfer of credit and ‘Apply Credit’ does not work in your (accountant’s) copy of the data.

3. User Prompt to Pay Bills

In the newer, updated version of QuickBooks Pro 2019, there is a new dialog prompt to guide users to the ‘Pay Bills’ window when they have unpaid bills and are trying to write checks. This helps them avoid using ‘Write check’ transaction type while they should choose ‘Vendor Bill Payment.’

This improvement done in 2019 is to push users to go to ‘Pay Bills’ by default. As an option, users can continue to use ‘Write Check’ transaction type, without assigning it to an unpaid vendor bill.

QuickBooks User Prompt to Pay BillsImage Credit: Intuit

4. Easy Upgradation

This impressive feature has made upgrading QuickBooks Pro to its latest version easier in just a few clicks. It will update the most recent company files by asking you to invest minimum efforts at your end. The entire upgrade process has been automated to help you save time and efforts. Also, you will have the option to retain the old version of QuickBooks, if needed.

This can be considered an improvement made in the last updated version of QuickBooks Pro in which a user had to browse and find his QB files initially after the upgrade process.

5. Enhanced IIF List and Data Imports

While importing IIF (Intuit Interchange Formats) list or data into QuickBooks, users previously required specific knowledge about how the data is going to be used by the software. If the imported data did not match the existing data components, it caused reporting issues.

To tackle it up, the new and improved QuickBooks Pro 2019 has enhanced the IIF import feature. It ensures that the imported data is accurate. QuickBooks will check your data at the time of importing and signals issues found in a well-defined report along with the corresponding fixes. This will help a user in correcting the issues before he/she re-imports the data again.  Also, both the lists and transactions are supported by IIF import.

6. Data File Optimization

The large percentage of your company file data includes Audit Trail. With the new feature of data file optimization, you can choose to condense the data file size without getting its list elements or transactions deleted. While condensing data in QuickBooks using this feature, you will get the option to keep all transactions and delete the audit trail only.

On average, this feature results in around thirty percent reduction in the file size.

QuickBooks Data File OptimizationImage Credit: Firm Of The Future

7. QuickBooks Migration to Another Computer

With this new migration feature, it becomes easier for users to migrate the QuickBooks program and the company files to a new computer. For this, the tool downloads the most recent maintenance release of the QuickBooks version owned by a user and copies the program files needed for installation on the new computer, along with other subsequent steps.

For more information about this feature, you can refer to this helpful article.

8. Enhanced Accessibility for Visually Impaired

For users who have JAWS (Job Access with Speech) installed on their devices, QuickBooks Pro 2019 comes with the feature to provide improved access for the visually impaired.

9. Automated Data Protection

Users get seamless automated data backup in the latest QuickBooks Pro version this year. Intuit Data Protect, an online automated backup service, which helps to protect your data from getting lost has a new feature of scheduled backup status notification. You can also choose to get other critical data backed up in this paid feature.


QuickBooks Pro 2019 has a good number of new and improved features added into it to make the end user experience even more satisfactory. However, along with the add-on features, you can get the benefits of seamless data accessibility and round-the-clock support by hosting your QuickBooks Pro 2019 on the cloud.

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