QuickBooks Premier vs. Premier Plus – What are the differences?

QuickBooks is an accounting solution that offers tailor-made products for every business type- small or medium-sized.

However, people often get confused about which QuickBooks software to choose? No matter if you are an existing QuickBooks user or a new one, only a thorough analysis will guide you to the best version for your business.


QuickBooks comes up with different variations; one of them is QuickBooks Premier. With a little difference in pricing and some other features, Premier Plus is an extended version of the Premier.

Let us compare QuickBooks Premier and Premier Plus to help you make the right choice for your business.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is one of the most robust Intuit’s accounting products. It caters up to 5 users. This desktop accounting software is best-suited for small businesses and can serve different industries with its industry-specific features.

You can purchase QuickBooks Premier licenses from Intuit or buy it from a QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP). QSPs are authorized Intuit resellers who sell genuine licenses at discounted prices. QuickBooks Premier license works well with proper customer support to up to three years.

QuickBooks Premier Version is best suited for:

  1. The small businesses who want to have robust bookkeeping software and need forecasting and planning
  2. Companies who wish to have access to the features of QuickBooks Pro, forecast sales and expenses, and industry-specific reports

New Features of QuickBooks Premier 2020 for Business

1. Automatic Payment Reminders

You can now easily set reminders for due payments from customers. For that, you will need to create a mailing list and add customers to that list. Once done, you are all set to put payment reminders from the “Schedule Payment Reminders option” and send reminders from the “Review & Send Payment Reminders.”

2. File Search Option

With this feature, you can easily search for any company file in the “No Company Open window.” These files will be stored on local storage or removable devices.

3. Reliable File Transfer

QuickBooks Premier 2020 update offers a more secure and safe mode to exchange and transfer data between accountants and QuickBooks customers.

4. Access to Live Experts

You can get access to live experts via messaging and call back options with the help of the F1 key. With F1, you can also get enhanced Smart Help content and search experience.

5. Customer Purchase Order

QuickBooks Premier 2020 version now enables you to add a customer PO number to the email subject line for better management.

6. Customer Payment Processing

You can consolidate multiple numbers of invoices into a single mail and simplify the customer payment process.

7. Easy Count

You can have a total count of customers in reports by simply hiding the columns in reports with jobs and classes.

QuickBooks Premier General Features

1. Set-up and Installation

With QuickBooks Desktop Premier, you will be assisted by a support agent on how to install the software along with the guidance tools.

2. Daily Operations

QuickBooks Premier version is easy-to-use with an interactive user-interface.

Pricing and Customer Support

QuickBooks Premier version is available for $499.95 as a one-time purchase price. An additional fee is required if you want to purchase an additional user license. Moreover, five user licenses can be linked under the same account.

Under this, an extra fee is charged for round-the-clock customer support and email customer support.

QuickBooks Premier Plus

QuickBooks Premier Plus version is similar to the QuickBooks Premier version. The main point of difference is that Premier Plus includes some enhanced features along with all the features of QuickBooks Premier. Some improved features include:

  • Annual upgrades
  • Unlimited and free-phone support
  • Automatic data backups

QuickBooks Premier Plus General features

1. Set up and Installation

If you are switching and upgrading from any other version to Premier Plus, you can have access to all your past reconciliations once your financial data is successfully uploaded in the new software.

2. Daily Operations

QuickBooks Premier Plus is easy-to-use along with your day-to-day business operations. While opting for Plus option, you do not have to worry about the updates as it is included with your subscription.

Pricing and Customer Support

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus costs $499.95 per year. Instead of paying a one-time purchase fee, you will be paying for an annual subscription in Premier Plus.

Unlike QuickBooks Premier, the Plus version does not charge you an extra fee for customer support. You can have access to unlimited email and phone support.

QuickBooks Premier VS QuickBooks Premier Plus- A Tabular representation

Since QuickBooks Premier and Premier Plus have the same features, the main difference lies between the pricing and customer support.

Parameters QB Premier QB Premier Plus
Pricing $499.95 one-time purchase $499.95 per year
Best For Local access with forecasting planning Automatic annual upgrades
Customer Support Paid Free and unlimited
Data Backups Not included Included

Since Premier Plus costs more than Premier, you must ask yourself whether backup, pricing, and customer support is what you are looking for as an additional feature to run your accounting business.

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Final Thoughts

We usually get lost in the abundance of information when thinking to upgrade to any other version. A clear frame of reference solves our confusion and guides us in the right direction.

Still confused? You can reach out to our Solutions Consultant at 855-980-2150 if you need any further assistance in making up your mind between QuickBooks Premier and Premier Plus. We will also assist you with hosting of QuickBooks Premier software on cloud, if you are looking for remote access.

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