QuickBooks is one of the most admired business accounting software in the world. Packed with a number of features and powerful performance, it can streamline even the most complex of accounting processes. What makes it even more special is that there are various versions of QuickBooks (Accountant, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) to fit the needs of customers more accurately.

In the recent years, the application has felt the effect of cloud technology as well. So, apart from QuickBooks Desktop, you have two more options to choose from – QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosting.

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is the version that installs on the local machine to process the accounting actions. It is the classic version that attained popularity for the software for its unmatched features and ease-of-usage. Being an application running on the local machine, its processing speed is generally very fast.

QuickBooks Online

Citing the rise in cloud dependency among the businesses, Intuit (the maker’s of QuickBooks) developed their own cloud-based version of the application and named it QuickBooks Online. This application varies significantly from the desktop version in terms of UI and features. But it commands on the reliability and trust in the market for being an Intuit’s very own product, but company’s command with the cloud capabilities of the company still remains a concern.

QuickBooks Hosting

This is somewhat a union of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. This version hosts QuickBooks Desktop on third-party cloud servers. So, it enables the benefits of cloud, such as – remote accessibility, multiple user collaboration, etc. while carrying all the advanced features of QuickBooks desktop.

What rides to its advantage is that QuickBooks Hosting carries the reliability of the QuickBooks Desktop along with the option to pick a hosting cloud that has proven expertise.

Here is a better comparison chart between QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Hosting:

Features QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Hosting
Inventory Tracking Yes Yes
Purchase Orders Yes Yes
Real-time Tracking Yes Yes
Anytime, Anywhere Access Yes Yes
Company Overview Yes Yes
Multiuser Collaboration Yes Yes
Cross-Device Compatibility Yes Yes
Currency Calculator Yes Yes
Easy of Add-on Integration Yes Yes
Shipping Manager Yes Yes
Calculate & rebill job costs Yes Yes
Calculates Customer Discounts Yes Yes

Final Note:

Different versions have their own advantages and depending on your particular needs, you must make a choice. So, it is important to analyze your current and futuristic requirements with the accounting solution, such as – the number of users, local storage, add-on needs, etc. You can even contact our experts for a free consultation to simplify your choice of QuickBooks.

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