How QuickBooks on Cloud is a Perfect Fit for Businesses of all Sizes?

QuickBooks is a premium accounting software and has significantly revolutionized industries around the world. It has helped organizations make themselves more productive and project enhanced efficiency during their accounting operations.

Many businesses continue to use it traditionally by installing it on a local desktop. Traditionally installed QBs are not remotely accessible, have substandard security features, require substantial capital investment, and are difficult to maintain.

This is the reason why businesses, regardless of their size and operations, are moving towards a better option –  cloud-hosted QB.

How QuickBooks on Cloud is a Perfect Fit for Businesses of all Sizes?

Hosting QB on the cloud allows businesses to outclass the traditional QB limitations and bring in better business growth. It has multiple benefits like unrestricted availability, superior data security, flexible IT infrastructure, and much more. This makes hosted QB an ideal solution for all businesses that want to improve their performance.

Here are the top five reasons why QuickBooks on the cloud is the perfect fit for all businesses.

1. Unrestricted Accessibility

Customarily using QB has multiple limitations and can significantly affect your end-user experience. One of such limitations is the limited data accessibility. The QB software is only available when you have access to that specific system. You must re-install or transfer your data if you want to use it on another device. Ultimately, your employees must always carry those devices with them, which can be detrimental if the data is lost or compromised.

However, with QB on the cloud, your employees can access their data from anywhere, anytime. During cloud hosting, the QB software is installed on the remote servers and can be accessed with an internet connection. All you need is valid authorization and a device that has good internet connectivity. This dramatically enhances data access, as your employees can easily use their personal laptops or smartphones for the QB and thus enjoy round-the-clock accessibility.

2. Premium Security Service

Whether your business is small or large, having adequate security measures is a must especially when businesses are expected to fall prey to cyberattacks every 11 seconds. However, with progressively increasing cyber-attacks, companies of today may lack the sufficient means to guard themselves. They may not have the required financial resources or may lack the necessary technical support to develop a modern-day cybersecurity system. This, coupled with their sensitive financial data, poses a risk to their organizational integrity and damages their reputation in the market.

Moving to the cloud ensures security measures that are designed and developed to counter modern cyber-threats. The cloud environment is protected by several security layers, with each of them being constantly monitored. Apart from the security measures like the latest IDPS systems, antivirus/antimalware tools, software and hardware-based firewalls, it also has advanced AI surveillance and regular software updates for strengthening the cloud defenses. All this, combined with readily available technical expertise, makes your data secure and better prepared in case of an unprecedented cyber-attack.

3. Credible Data Storage

While there are multiple ways to store data, each has its demerits that can significantly affect its availability. Storing it via conventional means like paper makes it vulnerable to environmental factors like fire, flood and makes it challenging to procure when lost. And if you digitized it, any hardware-related failure can drastically impact your performance or even lead to permanent data loss. With the cloud, you can conveniently transcend these limitations and avoid critical data loss.

Since QuickBooks hosting stores your data on remote servers – any local hardware failure cannot affect your database. So, even if an earthquake or any other disaster severely damages your office premises along with your IT infrastructure, your data would be safe and available for your needs. Also, as an added measure, the cloud data is maintained at several locations, ensuring continued data availability during any server failure.

4. Fiscal Cost-Effectiveness

Another driving factor that makes QuickBooks hosting a perfect fit for every business is its cost-effectiveness. Companies, regardless of their size, wish to minimize their expenses. However, for using locally installed QB, they must considerably invest in an office space. They also invest in the IT infrastructure and regularly look after its maintenance.

By moving cloud-hosted QuickBooks, you can bring much-needed cost-efficiency within your organization and do better resource utilization. Managing QB on the cloud is comparatively more accessible than the traditional in-house IT setups. With a hosted cloud solution, you don’t need to invest heftily for your setup. All you need is to pay a monthly subscription fee to your cloud hosting provider, and they will do the rest. Also, using QB on the cloud means having round-the-clock access to it. Your employees can efficiently work remotely, thus, allowing you to save up on any extra costs.

5. Improved End-User Experience

One of the most significant advantages of QuickBooks on the cloud is the improved end-user experience. Although QB significantly enhances an organization’s accounting prowess, several internal factors like a sudden power failure, low computational storage, inflexible IT infrastructure, etc., can affect its performance. Also, their scalability is limited, which again affects the organizational operations.

By hosting your QuickBooks on the cloud, you can bid adieu to all your end-user hassles and enjoy better QB usage. Since you don’t need to worry about your IT infrastructure failing you at critical junctures in a hosted QB solution, everything is managed by your CSP. You will have access to the necessary modern technology, which offers a seamless QB performance. Also, availing of hosted QB services allows you to enjoy flexible scale-up capacity. All you need is to intimate your CSP, and they will do the needful.


Regardless of their size, businesses are leveraging QuickBooks Hosting to make their business operations smoother, growing their business, improving the end-user experience, and more. Its benefits also help companies minimize their expenses and increase revenue generation.

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