Last updated on January 13th, 2023

QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise version may seem to be a manageable choice for the accountants. But as the workload, the fear of missing deadlines starts trailing them, thereby leaving them chained to their desks all the time.

Cloud technology has been a prominent term for quite long. But its implementation into the accounting industry has started only a few years back in time. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud environment has brought about a revolution in the accounting domain.

With the help of cloud hosting services, accountants can simply start working on their accounting files from wherever they want, and at any time of the day or night.

Current Trend of Adoption of Cloud Accounting Solutions

As per cloud accounting statistics, 67% CPAs prefer opting for cloud accounting to streamline their accounting process.

It can be better understood in terms of the advantages cloud accounting offers which are mentioned below:

  • Round-the-clock accessibility of data and applications
  • Multi-user accessibility to accounting data and consistent state of centralized data
  • Freedom from IT troubles that lead to wastage of a considerable amount of time
  • Security of client data hosted on a secure cloud environment
  • Round-the-clock customer support services to help clients with their issues timely
  • Controlled expenses because of the pay-as-you-go pricing model

What to Consider While Switching to Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks

Taking the decision to switch to cloud-hosted QuickBooks is undoubtedly a big step to be taken by the accountants. It is because they will be hosting the entire application and data over the cloud. Obviously, they are bound to be flooded with questions that are related to making this transition.

What makes this transition smooth is the choice of a reliable QuickBooks hosting provider.

Here are a few aspects related to switching to QuickBooks hosting that need to be considered:

1. Migration of Data

At the accountant’s end, the clients’ data files stored on his computer system need to be transferred to the cloud.

The process of transferring this confidential data is quite crucial. It can either be done by the accountant or he can ask for help from the hosting provider.

Reliability of a cloud provider can be measured on the security factors considered while performing the data transfer and even ahead in time.

To ensure maximum data safety, choose a provider who is always available to assist you in making the required data transfer, and similar other issues whenever they occur.

2. Cloud Environment Security and Accessibility

When choosing cloud solutions, you want to stay assured that your QuickBooks application and data will be safe and is easily accessible at all times.  There should be no loopholes in the accessibility pathway.

This is where the role of trustworthy cloud service providers comes in between. They implement security methods such as data encryption, firewall security, and intrusion detection/prevention systems to ensure complete security of hosted QuickBooks and its data.

Not just that, one can get around 99.999% uptime assured by the cloud providers to maintain continuity of the business.

3. Cloud-hosting Related Questions and Doubts

Switching to QuickBooks on the cloud is a big decision. So, it is better to consider all possibilities in advance and seek answers to all the questions or doubts from the chosen cloud service provider.

  • What if at a later point of time, you feel like setting up your own servers for storing your data?
  • What if you are not satisfied with the quality of services delivered?

It is important for you to ask these questions and similar others.

Ask your provider about the total expenses to be incurred while opting for cloud hosting services. Analyze whether choosing him will be beneficial for your business. You can even ask for customized packages for your business specific needs.

Of course, deciding to make the transitions to QuickBooks hosting may seem difficult. But with the right choice of a cloud service provider, a smooth transition is possible.

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