Why Should Your Business Opt For QuickBooks Hosting For Better Security

QuickBooks has significantly impacted the modern accounting dynamics, allowing firms to become more productive and enhance their efficiency.

Why Should Your Business Opt For QuickBooks Hosting For Better Security

However, using QB on a local desktop has its own limitations that can even compromise the security of your data. For example, the local device may lack the necessary security measures like multi-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, etc., to prevent any illicit attempt.

Hosting it on remote servers has allowed organizations to transcend the restrictions associated with its local usage and get better security features. With QB hosting from reputed service providers, you get various security features like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, modern IT infrastructure, and much more.

This ultimately allows firms to have an enhanced technical framework and fewer security drawbacks.

1. Hardware-Independent Access

One of the significant limitations while using the locally-installed QuickBooks is hardware dependency. It restricts your accessibility and also carries serious security concerns. For instance, if someone steals your device or a sudden malfunction happens, it could lead to an irreversible loss of your data. This is something firms cannot afford to happen.

Hosting your QB on the cloud frees you from these hardware-related limitations and offers better data security. Since all the data is stored on remote cloud servers, any security threat to your local hardware does not affect data integrity and confidentiality.

2. Multiple Cloud Security Layers

Carrying out accountancy-related tasks means handling sensitive financial data daily. It calls for stringent security measures for protecting its confidentiality. This is why the systems in which QB is installed must be well-protected with a multi-layer security system and resistant to modern hacking attempts. However, in most cases, locally-installed QB has inefficient security features with an outdated terrestrial network. This makes their data increasingly vulnerable and can be easily accessed.

Hosting your QB on the cloud allows you to enjoy different premium security features like a modern IDPS system, multiple firewalls, the latest antimalware/antivirus software, and AI monitoring tools for constant surveillance. Thus, it makes the cloud environment assuredly secure.

3. Disaster Recovery

Locally storing your data carries multiple risks and makes it vulnerable to various attacks. You can quickly lose your data due to a human error or a sudden calamity damaging your office premises. In these scenarios, your business operations are duly affected and could result in considerable financial losses.

Hosting your QB on the cloud means having access to the disaster recovery measures that ensure continued data availability and guaranteed business continuity for your organization. Your service provider regularly backs up your data and stores it at several locations. So, even if a calamity occurs, you can still retrieve your data whenever you want and carry out your business operations without any significant delays.

4. Organizational Access Control

It has been seen that most of the data-related vulnerabilities occur due to some internal factors. You could have an outdated IT infrastructure or get your data compromised by your employees’ negligence. The latter has been significantly becoming one of the main reasons for data breaches as your employees’ activities affect your organization’s overall security and increase the associated risks.

However, QB on the cloud solves this problem. Cloud-hosted QB allows you to control administrative access within your organization. This effectively increases your control over your employees’ activities and helps you prevent any illicit data access. You can also monitor suspicious individual activity and disable accounts to preserve the integrity of your system.

5. Multi-Factor Verification

With over 59% of consumers looking to avoid companies that had suffered from cyber-attacks in the past, having credible cyber-defense is a must. It helps you gain a definite foothold in the market. However, using locally-installed QB has several security restrictions, which, when exploited, can easily result in a data breach and cause an organization to lose its faith among the customer.

Moving to QB hosting ensures that your organization can access premium security measures to safeguard your data effectively. When you host your QB on the cloud, you need to clear another authentication layer. This means, if somehow someone accesses your password, they must first undergo another round of authentication before they can access your data. This way, you can easily prevent anyone from accessing your data and stop them before they cause any damage.

6. Secure Data Transfer

In this modern digital world, there is no knowing when a hacker could access your data. Hence, it is wise to take extra precautions like always accessing secure sites, using a VPN, and encrypting your data. However, with a tremendous workload already on their back, many organizations skip out on these essential security measures, especially the encryption part, thus letting hackers easily exploit their database.

Moving to a hosted QB solution ensures that you have the suitable means to handle your data effectively. Most service providers encrypt your data via 256-bit SSL encryption. It is a bank-level encryption technology that guarantees a foolproof solution. Also, the cloud providers are TLS 1.3 certified, strengthening their security and preventing illicit hacking attempts.

7. Multi-Compliance Adherence

Owing to a significant rise in cyber-attacks, organizations worldwide have devised security compliances that prevent hacking activities when implemented. They are of various types like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO, SOC, GDPR, etc., and are meant to be implemented as per the industrial requirements. When a company is establishing its IT infrastructure, they mostly adhere to the limited compliance-adherences.

Since a hosting provider has to cater to a wide range of industries, they generally adhere to multiple compliances. So, when you are hosting your QB solution, you get to access a server regulated by different grades of compliance requirements and have a more secure security framework.


QuickBooks hosting offers multiple benefits to businesses, including better security features. Features like end-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access control, and the latest antivirus and firewalls make it a foolproof solution.

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