9 Criteria To Hire A QuickBooks Hosting Provider In New York

The evolution of QuickBooks has turned the accounting industry around.

From invoicing and payments to income and expenses, from tax deductions to cash flow, from inventory to sales, the ever-evolving QuickBooks software has proved to be a boon for accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers because of the features it possesses.

But, is owning QuickBooks the end of all your accounting problems? How will issues like remote access, team collaboration, and document sharing be resolved? One way to get rid of these issues is to find a QuickBooks hosting provider.

9 Criteria To Hire A QuickBooks Hosting Provider In New York

A QuickBooks hosting provider hosts the QuickBooks software in their cloud servers, enabling businesses to share documents in real-time and collaborate with other teams.

But, what if your firm is based out of New York? Are there any QuickBooks hosting providers based out of New York? What are the criteria you should keep in mind while picking up a desirable and trustworthy QuickBooks Hosting Provider?

So, if you are looking for QuickBooks hosting solutions for your accounting needs in New York, then you should check the following:

1. Experience Of The QuickBooks Hosting Provider

The experience of a QuickBooks hosting provider is one of the most important criteria to evaluate one. Before you take up the services of a provider, enquire about their experience.

Once enquired, learn about the customers they have served in the accounting sector. Since QuickBooks is accounting software, your provider knowing a thing or two about the accounting genre will benefit your business as they can provide the best solutions as per your business needs.

2. Service Analysis

One of the essential features for a QuickBooks hosting provider is the quality of the services, availability of the resources or servers, and fulfillment of the responsibilities.

There are QuickBooks service providers that offer free trials of their services. Take up their free trials and check whether they are competent in providing solutions for your business.

If possible, ask the QuickBooks hosting providers to give the number of a few of their clients, especially who are in New York or near to your location. Get in touch with them and review the provider accordingly.

3. Data Centers

It’s not that important that the data center is located in New York, but it must be in a close location and not in a disaster-prone area. Another important thing is that the data center should be well-equipped with some advanced features required to maintain and protect valuable company data.

Here are some of the salient features of data centers of the QuickBooks hosting providers:-

  1. Presence of Standalone Tier III and Tier IV Data Centers
  2. 99.99% Data Availability
  3. SSAE-16 Type II Certified
  4. Redundant Infrastructure
  5. Enterprise-grade Security

4. Hosting Different Versions of QuickBooks

Since businesses have varying needs, the work processes of the enterprises differ as well. Ensure that the provider hosts all the versions of QuickBooks like Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant so that you are compatible with the services they are providing.

5. 24/7/365 Customer Support

Life in New York is quite fast. Business management and client meetings take up all 24 hours. In such a fast-paced life, you need the hosting provider to be at your beck and call to get all the technical issues resolved before it hampers your business.

Thus, to mitigate such issues, the QuickBooks hosting provider must take responsibility and provide all the required solutions to the client by having a round-the-clock customer support with the minimum response time.

In addition to it, the service representatives should be technically sound with impeccable behavior, and always apt to troubleshoot issues. Inquire about these features before hiring a hosting provider.

6. Pricing Structure and SLA

Non-affordable pricing can be a barrier between you and the service provider. The QB hosting provider should have consumer-centric pricing, which gives access to a highly secure, advanced, and reliable service.

Check their SLA (Service Level Agreement) carefully and analyze their pricing according to your business magnitude, type, and existing infrastructure. Read and examine all their terms and conditions carefully before you put pen on paper.

7. Scalability

The scalability of a server refers to the increasing or decreasing of the resources such as RAM, storage, processing speed, and the number of users.

Ensure that the cloud service provider offers on-demand scaling for your cloud-based QuickBooks so that you can increase or decrease the resources whenever you want.

8. Uptime

Uptime is defined as the total time the server is available and working. Make sure that your cloud service provider is providing a high uptime (recommended at least 99.99%) so that the business processes do not get hampered.

9. Reputation

Although features matter the most, the reputation of a hosted QuickBooks provider in the market also serves as a major criterion in hiring one. Do extensive research on various search engines or social media platforms and read about customer reviews. Also, analyze testimonials given on the company website and examine their services accordingly.


In a big city like New York, QuickBooks cloud hosting service providers’ selection is a difficult job as the competition is intense, and the difference is little.

Also, the selection of a QuickBooks hosting provider is a long term decision for companies. Therefore, companies need to be patient and analyze every hosting provider closely before selecting the one.

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