Why Choose QuickBooks Hosting From Ace Cloud Hosting For Tax Season 2021

After the long and exhausting year 2020, 2021 is here, and so is the Tax Season. Just the thought of tax season can be stressful for most of us as it demands an immeasurable amount of time. Although accounting applications like QuickBooks automates most of the tasks, the unwarned IT issues put an uncalled halt to the return filing process. Moreover, the ‘New Normal’ of working from home has given rise to cyberattacks, thus putting confidential data at stake.

However, QuickBooks Hosting can make Tax Season more manageable and stress-free as it adds value to the QuickBooks desktop, making it the perfect solution for the busy season.

It can also become a headache with the service provider who doesn’t deliver the best services as per your requirement. So, before switching to QuickBooks Hosting, it is crucial to look out for the right cloud service provider.

Why Choose QuickBooks Hosting From Ace Cloud Hosting For Tax Season 2021Here is why you should choose Ace Cloud Hosting to make your tax season stress-free.

1) Protection From Cyber Threats

We provide bank-level security by implementing end-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, IDS & IPS, etc., to keep your QuickBooks data safe & protected from scammers throughout the year, not just during the busy season.

2) Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Being an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Hosting Provider, we keep upgrading our services so that our capabilities fully ensure your QuickBooks desktop being hosted in a secure environment. Additionally, we are also the QuickBooks Solution Provider, which means the experts will only solve all your queries.

3) Multiple Device Accessibility

Need to update a tax form urgently but don’t have your PC or laptop near you? This problem can be solved with QuickBooks hosting too. With hosted QuickBooks from Ace Cloud Hosting, you can upload documents and work on your QuickBooks files from your smartphone too. This will ensure that all your documents are in one place only.

4) High Availability

IT issues are inevitable, and they can cause a delay in tax return filing. But, when you host QuickBooks with us, you get all-time availability and a 99.99% uptime guarantee of your data and apps without any IT hassles. A 99.99% uptime means that your application, even if the situation arises, will be unavailable only for less than 6 minutes in a year!

5) Quick Tax Filing

With unlimited availability and accessibility, you can collaborate with clients & team members smoothly. This means you can also work on the same files simultaneously that leads to faster tax return filing.

6) Award-Winning Services

Ace Cloud Hosting has been continuously recognized for its services by platforms like K2 Quality Awards, FinanceOnline, and Accountex USA for providing excellent user experience and customer satisfaction.

7) Technical Expertise

On choosing us for QuickBooks Hosting, you get quick and round-the-clock help for any issue related to hosted QuickBooks from our well-trained and experienced support team, who are available even on weekends for a smoother tax season.

8) Business Continuity

Are you prepared for an unpredictable halt in work due to events like a natural disaster, pandemic, IT failure, etc. that too during the tax season? With our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery feature, you never have to worry about such situations.

9) High-Performance Computing

With us, you get to experience the speed in your accounting and tax processes with our high-performance SSD-based servers. HPC servers will save you time, enhance your productivity, thus increasing your profits.

10) Free Setup, Installation, & Maintenance

When you choose us, your QuickBooks desktop and data are migrated on the cloud in just 90 minutes at no additional charges. Also, all the software upgrades and hardware-maintenance are on us.

11) Daily Backup

We run a daily backup on your data, which you can retrieve anytime through email for 45 days without charging you anything so that you get all your time to serve your clients and increase billable hours.

Wrapping Up

Tax season is the most crucial time of the year, and QuickBooks Hosting can make it simpler for you. However, choosing the right QuickBooks hosting provider is the first and most critical decision to make the switch. Hence, compare all the solution providers and go with the one who fulfills all your requirements and has the best reputation.


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