QuickBooks Hosting – The Most Robust Accounting Solution for CPAs

Intuit’s QuickBooks is the most preferred accounting software for accountants and businesses across the US. It has empowered CPAs by making them more efficient and productive and projecting better business output.

And this is all due to our folks working at Intuit. QB has tremendous in-built functionalities, a simplistic user interface, and robust accounting features – the traits truly befitting for the software leader of the modern accounting world.

But, using it on a local system has its limitations that stop you from enjoying its complete robustness. A locally installed QuickBooks application is not remotely available, offers inferior security measures, and is not scalable. Hosting your QuickBooks on the cloud allows you to mitigate these limitations.

5 Reasons QuickBooks Hosting is Robust Accounting Software for CPAs

You can hire a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or have your IT team set up a server for hosting your QB software. However, setting up your hosting infrastructure is not an easy task and requires quality technical expertise.

This way, it’s better to hire an experienced CSP and let them do the work while carrying out your accounting operations.

Here are the top five ways that make QB hosting the most robust accounting solution:

1. Work From Anywhere

The COVID-19 outbreak made one thing very clear – we have to change the way we work. The cities around the world underwent lockdown to contain the virus spread, causing businesses to suffer dearly. Only those firms that had availed remote options could quickly set up WFH for their employees and keep their operations running. Opting for QuickBooks hosting brings in much-needed remote availability and boosts your accessibility.

Unlike conventional setups, your QB is installed on remote servers by your service provider. This way, you can easily access your data from anywhere, anytime via the Internet. So, whether it is during commuting to the office, working from home, or in emergencies – your employees can rapidly access their QB data and offer their services.

2. Advanced Security Solutions

In 2019 alone, 93.6% of developed malware were polymorphic and could evade cyber-defense. This clearly calls for measures that can effectively combat these threats and protect your data. However, local QB setups are easy to compromise and have a weaker security framework. Also, a quality cybersecurity system requires both capital and technical expertise – something not readily available to every organization.

Moving your QuickBooks to the cloud brings in a well-developed security system for your organization that is resistant to modern cyber-threats. For its monitoring and management, the CSPs employ seasoned IT experts. Apart from setting up the latest measures like the IDPS, antivirus/anti-malware measures, and enterprise-grade firewalls, they also deploy automated solutions for constantly assessing any potential threat and updating it accordingly.

3. Credible Disaster Management

Cyber-attacks are not the only threat to your data integrity. A sudden earthquake, hurricane, or an electrical fire – multiple man-made and environmental factors can damage your QuickBooks data and affect its availability. Conventional QuickBooks is more prone to these mishappenings as the data is stored locally. Any such occurrence could even lead to a permanent data loss.

And this is where QuickBooks hosting assures quality recovery measures for your organization. All the data in the cloud is replicated at several servers, with each of them being placed at different locations to counter natural threats. Furthermore, these servers have advanced cooling systems with modern smoke/fire detection alarms to minimize the risk of fires. Also, even if somehow a data center is compromised, your CSP can quickly route you to another and ensure quick data availability. Plus, all these features are highly beneficial when it comes to disaster management during the tax season.

4. Scalable IT Resources

An in-house IT set-up offers limited flexibility and is suboptimal for a CPA firm. During the tax season, the increased workload in the accounting industry demands additional IT resources. However, those same resources cannot be scaled down for recovering your finances and are left unused until the next peak season. Also, as it requires you to permanently allocate a substantial amount of capital every year, it drastically affects your organizational cost-efficiency.

But the hosting has a solution to it as well. The resources in the cloud are readily scalable. It has a pay-per-use model and allows you to scale up the resources as per your needs. Just contact your CSP, and they will rapidly make arrangements for you. This way, instead of permanently investing in the additional resources, you can rent them during the peak seasons and opt-out once you longer need them.

5. Cost-Cutting Investment

Locally set-up QB had several benefits in the past; maintaining it now is no longer beneficial. You need to invest heftily for office premises, IT infrastructure, data security, maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses. You need to hire IT professionals for its maintenance as well.

However, with the cloud, you can enhance organizational cost-efficiency and save your resources. With QuickBooks hosting, you don’t need to pay handsomely for the IT setup since everything is on the cloud. The need to hire IT professionals is also eliminated as your service provider manages everything.


QuickBooks hosting has the robustness to withstand today’s modern challenges and help CPAs complete their tasks. Its unique offerings like premium data security, remote availability, and cost-effectiveness offer whole new accounting experiences.

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