5 Advantages Of QuickBooks File Hosting For Businesses And Accountants

Businesses are an integral segment of any nation’s economy. Building a business puts forth the initiatives along with the organizational and management skills and the perfect attitude amalgamated with the right decisions at the right time. One such decision that goes in to build a business nowadays is to select the perfect accounting solution.

QuickBooks is one accounting software businesses all over the planet put their trust on. The software is suitable for any business, whether it is construction, education, manufacturing, retail, non-profit, or healthcare.

But, why is QuickBooks trusted by businesses all over the world? It eases the management and puts all the accounting-related files in a single place. Whether the file is of inventory, stocks, or anything else, accountants can easily access the files by signing in to the software installed on the desktop.

5 Advantages Of QuickBooks File Hosting For Businesses And Accountants

Despite all these major advantages, businesses or companies cannot use QuickBooks to the fullest because some features, such as remote accessibility, are still lacking.

So, to use QuickBooks and its files to the fullest, one thing a business should do is to consult a third-party cloud hosting provider and host the software on a cloud platform. Hosting the software and QuickBooks files brings out more from the software. But, before we can get into the different benefits of QuickBooks File Hosting, let us understand what exactly that is.

What is QuickBooks File Hosting?

QuickBooks File Hosting is a service offered by hosting providers that help businesses or individuals to access the QuickBooks software and files remotely through a cloud server. The cloud infrastructure is owned and managed by the provider.

Cloud hosting of QuickBooks files brings a number of advantages for businesses or CPAs. From anytime, anywhere access to impeccable security of files, not only does the cloud provide these benefits, but it also enhances the usability and compatibility of the used QuickBooks version. In fact, for any version of QuickBooks, Pro, Premier, Accountant, or Enterprise, there is no change of interfaces needed.

So, let us see some of the many advantages of QuickBooks File Hosting for businesses, enterprises, CPAs, and professional accountants.

1. Work From Anywhere, Anytime And Any Device

With QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, businesses and CPAs can discover a more productive way to do business. It lets the user get access to the QuickBooks files, irrespective of the time or the location. Remote working employees of a company working in multiple locations can get centralized access to files through the cloud server.

Apart from the anytime, anywhere access, cloud ensures a device-friendly solution as well. Whatever device the user is using, whether it is a PC, laptop, tablet, iOS, or Android-powered smartphone, the QuickBooks files can be easily accessed or worked upon quite easily.

Remote access opens up new avenues for employees and businesses, and they can use this saved time to brush up their skills and increase their productivity and efficiency.

2. Security For The Files

One of the most critical factors to succeed in businesses today is to ensure the security of the company files. And with the increasing number of data breaches, digital security is a very important aspect nowadays.

QuickBooks file hosting gives companies and accountants an added benefit as the files are always secured with data encryption, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, intrusion detection and prevention, and antivirus.

In-fact the best cloud service providers have highly protected data centers, and despite having such high-quality security measures, they always take a backup of the files and keep them in multiple geographical locations.

3. Enhancing Team Collaboration

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of QuickBooks File Hosting is that it brings both remote-based and locally working employees on the same page.

QuickBooks file hosting offers centralized document storage, providing access to the QuickBooks files for all employees, irrespective of the location they are currently in. Thus, with such centralized access, anyone having access to those files can give inputs and collaborate with their teammates, increasing the company’s operational efficiency.

A recent report from Forbes has suggested that due to the implementation of the cloud, collaboration increases considerably, becoming a major factor for the success of any business or enterprise.

Thus, with QuickBooks File Hosting, any geographical barrier cannot affect work productivity, and real-time file edits and updates can happen easily, eliminating any confusion regarding the file stored.

4. Reduction Of IT Hassles With Saving Of Costs

The correct management of expenditures and financial investments play a major role in determining a business’s success. Opting for a QuickBooks File hosting provider can save companies a huge chunk of revenue, bringing down the capital expenditure on a business.

With cloud hosting of QuickBooks files, businesses can save money as the cloud replaces the hardware resources, reducing the IT hassles. In fact, when a business hires a cloud service provider to host the QuickBooks Files, everything from the timely upgradations to the maintenance of servers are taken care of by the provider itself.

Thus, switching to the cloud for a business means to let go of unnecessary IT hassles like hiring IT professionals while QuickBooks file hosting.

5. Disaster Recovery

We cannot predict ourselves, leave alone mother nature. Hence, in the case of a disaster, businesses are seldom prepared to protect their IT infrastructure and the data residing in it.

Cloud hosting of QuickBooks files ensures that the files stored in it are safe, secure, and protected from any disaster. The cloud hosting providers replicate the QuickBooks files in an alternate data center away from a disaster-prone area. Thus, if any data center is affected by a natural or human-inflicted calamity, the users can access the backed up files on the alternate data center and continue working on them easily.


Besides offering uncountable advantages for accountants and businesses worldwide, cloud hosting of QuickBooks and its files helps in maintaining the authenticity and the reliability of a business by delivering targets on deadlines and building a reputation with clients. Thus, if one is considering the hosting of QuickBooks Files, a cloud-based server is the best fit for it.

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