What Do You Need To Know About QuickBooks Hosting In 2023?

The surge in customers’ demand and their quality expectations have prompted more and more business owners to transform their business operations by implementing cutting-edge technologies and optimizing their internal processes.

This has brought a manifold increase in the usage of modern digital tools such as cloud computing, which in turn, has made businesses more productive and efficient.

Similarly, while premium accounting software like QuickBooks (QB) had been used by multiple industries across the world for many years, recent times have changed the way the world used to see this software.


Showing better performance with boosted QuickBooks capabilities, CPAs and accounting firms now actively host their QuickBooks on the cloud for the enhanced end-user experience. While you can set up your own hosting infrastructure, availing it from a third-party service provider is much more flexible and economical.

Here are several things you need to know about QuickBooks hosting in 2023:

1. Round the clock access

QB Desktop is installed locally, requiring you to have continued access to that particular device for using QB. This means you and your employees cannot access them round the clock unless you are using portable devices like laptops. And even if you use one, the moment that device gets lost or damaged, all your data and QB access is also gone along with it.

A hosted QuickBooks solution can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using any device like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more. All you need is sound internet connectivity and user credentials for logging in and accessing your QB data with up to 99.99 SLA-backed uptime guarantee from a reputed QuickBooks hosting provider.

2. Quality security infrastructure

With the number of cyber-attacks increasing every day, it is imperative to have a security infrastructure that can withstand modern hacking attempts. Especially, for accounting firms and CPAs, as they have to deal with sensitive financial data which if illegitimately disclosed, can damage your organization’s credibility and make your clients vulnerable to financial fraud. Unlike the traditional QB environment, a hosted QuickBooks solution is protected by a multi-layer security framework.

Reputed QuickBooks hosting providers deploy high-standard security measures like the latest IDP (Intrusion Detection and Protection) system, network filters, internal/external firewalls, 256-bit bank-grade encryption,multi-factor authentication, AI surveillance, etc. for securing your data and protecting it against any illicit access.

3. Smoother IT management

Conventional QB setups call for setting up an in-house IT infrastructure which is quite tedious to manage and requires considerable financial resources. Also, the need to deploy an IT team for its management adds to the expenses.

A hosted QuickBooks solution is deployed by seasoned QuickBooks hosting providers. Moreover, they are responsible for the entire IT infrastructure, leaving you to only manage the end-point devices (which is quite simple and can be easily managed).

4. Assured data availability

Data is an invaluable asset for an accountant. Moreover, instead of just expecting a traditional accounting approach from their accountants, customers now want proactive financial solutions for their business. They want their accountants and tax professionals to actively study their data and help them devise business strategies and financial plans for assisting them in their operations.

A hosted QuickBooks solution ensures guaranteed data availability for your organization. Unlike local QB desktop, a reputed service provider regularly backs up your data across multiple data centers and deploys advanced protection measures against both man-made and environmental factors. Also, they ensure smooth data availability with at least 99.99% uptime, something that conventional QB setups lack.

5. Enhanced productivity

A hosted QuickBooks solution helps in making your employees more productive. Unlike the conventional QB desktops, your employees are not limited to the corners of their cubicles. They can work in the comfort of their homes (with remote access), which makes them about 47% more productive.

Also, according to Forbes, employees who use their own devices (Bring Your Own Device implementation) tend to show higher productivity than using office systems.

6. Paperless accounting

With leading organizations around the world aiming to leave lesser carbon footprints in 2022, going paperless goes a long way in contributing to environmental health. Also, it makes document-extensive accounting processes much efficient and simpler to process.

With a hosted QuickBooks solution, you can smoothly implement a paperless environment within your firm. This also helps CPAs and accountants eliminate unwanted documents and save paper-related expenses like printing, storage, and management.

7. Economic expansion

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about expanding your business to another city or overseas? Enormous capital expenditure, right?

Expanding an accounting firm that utilizes conventional QB desktops calls for considerable financial resources. You have to hire/buy an office space, set up your IT infrastructure, maintain a workspace, and much more.

But with QuickBooks hosting, you can easily expand your service outreach without any significant expenditure. Since your QB data is remotely accessible, you can easily hire the best talents from around the world, while your clients can simply upload their data from anywhere, anytime, and easily avail your services remotely.


QuickBooks hosting is a great way for accountants to experience a new way of accounting in 2023. Its ability to offer remote access to QB data is one of its best advantages as the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic is still unpredictable and people still want to work remotely.

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