Last updated on January 13th, 2023

QuickBooks has grown over with the line of years. The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015 version is the most sophisticated amongst the prior versions of QuickBooks. Though it looks and works mostly like the junior versions of the application it has a more accountant friendly interface which makes it understandable for the non-accountants. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015 has a lot of features that are not available in the other versions of the QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015 Upgrade for Your Benefits

So, here are some of the core features of the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015:

  • The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015 can be efficiently used by organizations those who possess a large number, utmost 30 employees to work on it concurrently. It’s improbable that QuickBooks would be used by such a substantial business.
  • It is basically rooted to the local desktop without the advantage of a lot of similar add-ons and it is deficient in some of the automation and depth offered by the midrange solutions. This version is typically easy to understand for the existing QuickBooks users. It has a plentiful amount of data capacity.
  • The most exciting feature of the application is that users can work in two-company files simultaneously. Moreover, the application has pre-defined roles for the user which enhances the task efficiency and time and specific task-based user security access.
  • Also, the customizability is more enhanced which allows the users to perform tasks according to their working habits. Consolidation of reports from multiple QuickBooks files can be done easily in this version of QuickBooks.
  • It gives the user the ability to features such as advanced pricing and advance inventory features. As stated before, the Enterprise Solutions 2015 is specially designed to allow maximum number of 30 users to work simultaneously. Whereas, the number of users is limited to 5 in the Premier edition of QuickBooks when it comes to simultaneous access of QuickBooks.
  • For users who use QuickBooks on local as well as windows servers or the terminal servers, the QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 2015 comes with an inbuilt feature that it can work efficiently simultaneously for both the ends.
  • The new version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is enriched with more number of custom item fields and custom name fields. They are 15 and 12 in number respectively. Whereas, the versions of Premier and Pro are limited to 5 and 7 respectively.

As it is said, “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”. The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015 does have some cons. Some of the cons of this version are:

  • It lacks the features of revenue recognition management.
  • It has a few global capabilities but that can be overlooked as it has got new multi-currency capabilities.
  • The remote access facility is limited. It uses WebEx for the same.

As far as the pros and cons are concerned there are a lot of pros to focus on. This represents that this version certainly stands at the top in QuickBooks application. It has more capacity, more sophistication, allows much more users to access the application simultaneously. So this is the right time switch to it and stick to it!


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