How Do I Access QuickBooks Enterprise Remotely?

QuickBooks Enterprise is a robust desktop application that offers all-in-one accounting solutions, including inventory management, payrolls, bills, and generation of various financial reports. It has eased the accounting tasks for businesses of all sizes.

How Do I Access QuickBooks Enterprise Remotely?However, QuickBooks Enterprise lacks an important in-built feature, i.e., remote access to the information. To overcome this limitation, QuickBooks Enterprise is hosted on the cloud. Cloud enables anywhere, anytime access to the crucial information with the help of any internet-connected device.

Here are the steps to access QuickBooks Enterprise software remotely:

Step 1: Get QuickBooks Enterprise License

The very first step is to either buy a QuickBooks Enterprise license or lease it. The license can be acquired from a QuickBooks Solutions Provider or from Intuit Authorized Commercial Host that is approved by Intuit to offer services to QuickBooks end-users.

Step 2: Choose A Reliable Cloud Hosting Provider

The next step involves selecting the right QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider that is the best fit as per the business requirements. Each business has different needs. Therefore, some of the factors that one must look into before investing in the cloud service include:

  • Experience- The number of years service provider has been in the business, its field of expertise, and the number of clients it is serving at the moment says a lot about its reputation.
  • Security- It is crucial to check the security standards implemented by the hosting provider on both virtual and physical levels. One must look into the privacy policy to ensure the confidentiality of information.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)- Check SLA for uptime guarantee, backup and disaster recovery policy, and termination conditions to ensure that the services are up to the mark.
  • Pricing- The cost-effectiveness of the service depends upon the scalability of the plans offered. It is essential to note that one is obligated to pay for only those services that he/she is using.
  • Support- Check whether the cloud hosting provider offers round-the-clock services, what versions of QuickBooks Enterprise are supported by the vendor, and what are the contact means (phone, email, or chat) provided by the vendor for any tech-support.

The parameters mentioned above help to shortlist a reliable QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider to host the accounting application.

Step 3: Login To The Portal

Once the application is hosted on the virtual servers of the cloud provider, the QuickBooks Enterprise user can log in to the portal through the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or other methods provided by the hosting provider.

Step 4: Access QuickBooks Enterprise Remotely

Enter the credentials (username and password) provided by the cloud hosting provider to access QuickBooks Enterprise from any location at any given time. The functionality of the hosted QuickBooks Enterprise software will remain the same as of the desktop-based application, and all the changes will be automatically updated in real-time.

To Wrap It Up

Remote access is to the QuickBooks Enterprise is a must to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Also, it is one of the many benefits offered by QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting. It can also enhance performance by providing multi-user collaboration, advanced security, regular backups, and much more.

Are you still confused about how to access QuickBooks Enterprise remotely? Contact our Solutions Consultant at 855-375-4955 to get a 10-day free trial.

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