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QuickBooks Enterprise is a premium financial software and comes with robust financial capabilities. While businesses have been using it traditionally for ages on an in-house desktop setup, a significant rise in the hosting industry has seen many businesses actively opting for a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution.

QuickBooks-enterprise-hosting-pricingHosting Quickbooks Enterprise boosts its pre-existing features, powering it up with capabilities like remote accessibility, seamless multi-user collaboration, quality security system, and much more. However, many business owners remain apprehensive about adopting a hosted QuickBooks solution, as uncertainty looms over its overall cost.

Here we have explored several factors which decide the total cost of hosted QuickBooks Enterprise and its comprehensive comparison with the conventional on-premise Quickbooks setup:

1. Endpoint Costs

A traditional QuickBooks Enterprise setup is hardware-dependent and can only be used in that specific device in which it is installed. This means, if that particular device is damaged or lost, you can neither access your data nor use QB. This could lead to crucial project delays, with additional capital expenditure on fixing those devices.
Moving to a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution allows you to minimize your endpoint liabilities significantly. Hosted QB Enterprise can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using various thin-client devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. So, even if your office desktop/laptop malfunctions, you can simply use another machine and still access your QB without facing any delays.
Also, with employees increasingly preferring their own devices for working, you can implement a BYOD policy within your organization and lower your endpoint liabilities.

2. IT Costs

A traditional QuickBooks Enterprise setup comes with hefty IT maintenance. It requires you to spend considerably on procuring the necessary hardware components, maintaining the physical security, electricity costs, cooling system, etc. However, server maintenance costs in a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution are priced differently.
QuickBooks hosting providers maintain their own cloud servers, which are also used by other businesses. So, instead of paying the price for the entire setup single-handedly, the costs are shared with other users. In the end, everything comes included in your monthly subscription fee, which depends upon the number of users and is significantly lesser than maintaining for the entire IT setup.

3. Data Storage

In an on-premise Quickbooks Enterprise setup, maintaining and regulating the data storage falls upon your shoulders. So, apart from ensuring sufficient physical security and optimum storage for effectively safeguarding your data, you are also responsible for scaling up your database capacity when needed.
Since your service provider maintains the data servers in a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution, it dramatically reduces storage costs. Also, for additional storage requirements, all you need is to intimate your service provider. They will provide you the required storage, which gets added to your monthly subscription fee and is again more economical than getting those same resources yourself.

4. License Management

QuickBooks Enterprise license management is an integral part of an in-house QuickBooks environment. With multiple in-house PCs, you need to purchase licenses for each device and manage their upgrades and installation yourself.
A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution minimizes these licensing hassles allowing up to 40 users. Your QuickBooks provider offers the latest available version and manages the installation and updates with hosted QuickBooks Enterprise. You don’t have to bear any additional costs as everything is a part of the pre-set subscription plan. This way, instead of procuring the software and then going through all the licensing hassles, you leave everything up to your service provider.

5. Overheads & Other Costs

Since you are not managing the IT infrastructure and are only responsible for the end-point devices, availing of a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution significantly lowers your overheads and other miscellaneous costs. For instance, let’s understand this with the example of downtime. In a conventional QuickBooks Enterprise environment, whenever software/hardware malfunctions occur, you must dispatch your own IT professionals to mitigate them. While the resulting downtime makes your system inoperable, causing loss of both time and money, you must spend on significant resources to patch them up.
However, in a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution, your CSP deploys their own IT professionals to fix your issue rapidly and brings up to 99.99%. This way, you can avoid high labor costs and save up your resources. Also, they are the ones who bear other IT-related costs like component logistics, replacement, renewals, etc.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Pricing

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting saves a lot of money as compared to its desktop-based counterpart. When your organization establishes an in-house traditional QuickBooks setup, a major chunk of your capital is utilized for procuring office desktops or PCs, hiring IT personnel, endpoint maintenance, software updates, etc. Upon analyzing comprehensively, you will note that most of it goes into its regular maintenance and patchwork, followed up by software licensing.

However, a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution is different. Since everything can be accessed remotely, you can use any thin clients and access your QB. Moreover, you can freely implement a BYOD policy and further save up. Also, as maintenance and regulation of IT infrastructure falls upon your CSP, you have to manage your end-point devices only, relieving you of all the IT hassles and extra expenses.


The overall pricing of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting depends upon the above-mentioned factors. Also, it depends upon the processing power you need for your organization. You should determine your exact business requirements and evaluate the value QuickBooks Enterprise hosting adds to your business. And finally, read the pricing factors mentioned and find the right hosting provider.

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