QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting – 5 Benefits for Professional Services

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is certainly an excellent accounting solution that has made the number of accounting and tax preparation tasks easier than ever before. QuickBooks Enterprise version is suitable for the industries that work on a large base and have a more extensive user base like professional services, construction industry, non-profit organizations, and others.

But QuickBooks Desktop, when installed in the local systems, has its own limitations. Some of these include the lack of remote access, collaboration, security, and performance.

Hence, to counter these challenges, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting comes into the picture. It is a service provided by third-party cloud hosting companies, where they host QuickBooks Enterprise on their cloud environment and charge the customers on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Let us see some benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Professional services:

1. Real-Time Collaboration

For professional services, communication is the key to managing the work properly and completing the project successfully. Any miscommunication between the team members may lead to disorientation of the business process, and the work accuracy may also be compromised. Hence, it is important to have a seamless communication platform for the team to get the job done on time without any confusion.

QuickBooks Enterprise does offer accuracy in accounting, but alone it cannot provide real-time collaboration. When you host your QB Enterprise on cloud, you and your team members can virtually share documents and make edits on a common platform. Sharing, editing, and accessing the same documents becomes easy in a shared virtual environment. Furthermore, you can also track billable hours and job costs.

2. Secure Business Operations

While business continuity ensures there is no loss of business even for a millisecond, security of the business operations determines the success of the company. Security for any industry, especially professional services, is of utmost importance no matter the clientele. Any network intrusion poses a threat to data privacy and availability. On the other hand, malicious attacks can obstruct services. Therefore, having a proper platform that has all your data secure with adequate security measures is not only important but necessary for business continuity.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting ensures complete data protection from internal threats as well as cyberattacks. The cloud service provider will ensure your professional services firm’s information is safe at both virtual and physical level with adequate security measures like data encryption, DDoS protection, multi-level authentication, and much more.

3. Scalable and Flexible Resources

The demand for professional services and the requirement of the IT infrastructure are directly proportional to each other. As the needs of the professional services change from time to time, depending on the market condition, the infrastructure requirements also need to be altered accordingly. Hence, having a scalable IT infrastructure in place plays an essential role in utilizing the resources in the right way.

Moving QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud gets you access to flexible resources. All you need to do is contact the cloud provider, and they will provide you with the desired server resources.

Moreover, when you take the services from a cloud service provider, you get flexibility in pricing. You will only have to pay for the resources you use, hence, proper utilization of the resources.

4. High Server Availability

All-time availability of professional business services is required for continuous business operations without any interruption that may be caused due to any reason- power failure, server downtime, etc. Server downtime may reduce the chances of having a better business opportunity and can impact business growth. Therefore, it is essential to host your QuickBooks Enterprise on a high-performance server.

With QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting, the competent providers in the market deploy a High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. HPC enables parallel processing so you can run any number of applications on your smartphones, laptops, and tablets simultaneously. It makes sure your professional services are always up and running and you are reachable every time for your clients.

5. Reduced IT Hassles

Every business decides on their budget, and they operate their business according to the planned budget. However, budgets are generally revised over a period to meet the market requirements. When you try to align your business with changing market opportunities, it costs you more than you planned. You purchase the hardware, hire an IT professional to manage that hardware, and build the IT infrastructure of your own. All these costs you extra bucks.

However, when you host your QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, the service provider takes care of all your IT hassles and contributes to saving those extra bucks. You don’t have to worry about building your own IT infrastructure and purchasing hardware according to the increasing demands. The cloud service provider handles all the hardware maintenance, software installation & upgrades, and server configuration.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Enterprise with hosting is a smart decision for the professional services industry. You can have access to the data anytime, anywhere to serve clients with ease. The features of QB Enterprise with the capabilities of the cloud makes it an ideal solution for professionals.

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