QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting – 10 Benefits for Construction Business

QuickBooks Enterprise is an advanced business solution that offers industry-specific features for businesses. This version of QuickBooks caters to businesses of medium and large sizes.

For a prominent industry like construction, juggling between the job estimates, contractors, and sub-contractors is a very daunting task and keeping track of every activity is no less than a challenge. This is where QuickBooks Enterprise can be of great help, which takes care of the accounting, automates the process, generates customized reports, and much more.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting - 10 Benefits for Construction Business

To extend the benefits of QuickBooks, businesses prefer to host the software on the cloud. The cloud offers a competitive edge and provides benefits for the construction business for more compact management.

Let us look at a few benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting for the construction industry.

1. Run Construction Business Remotely

Sometimes business requires working even after the office timings. It becomes challenging when you don’t have the right platform to work remotely, and you often find yourself in a situation where work is hampered.

But when you host your QuickBooks Enterprise on cloud, it becomes manageable for team members to work remotely in real-time with any device -smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. All that you require is an internet connection to stay connected with the team members working on the same projects to meet the deadline.

It also becomes easy for the contractors working on-field and from the office to track projects, have access to the job estimates, and never miss any important business updates. Therefore, you can always keep an eye on any changes required while not being physically present in the location.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

When you access QuickBooks Enterprise from the local desktop or online, you get to work on all the features you need. But there is just one thing you miss on – the collaboration with the project members working on-field.

You lack the benefit of accessing the same file and working on the same file simultaneously that cloud offers. The only way for collaboration remains within the chain of emails.

With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, contractors can easily share files with the authorized person. You no longer have to wait to send emails back and forth to share the progress reports with the clients.

The team members associated with the project can access the same document stored on the cloud simultaneously and see the updates themselves. This improves the productivity of the team members and ensures that the project completion deadline is not hampered.

3. Free From Data Loss

Running a large-scale construction business is often associated with a concern of security threats. These threats might stem from hardware malfunction, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, etc.

When you opt to host QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, you ensure the security of your data from all the internal and external threats. The hosting provider will cover all the security aspects, including regular data backup on secured cloud servers to avoid any loss during natural disasters.

They also deploy some advanced security methods like password protection systems, data encryption, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems to ensure complete protection of QuickBooks Enterprise and data.

4. Keep Your Budget on Track

Capital and operational expenses always remain a constraint when running the business on a decided budget. There’s a lot that comes with the on-premise setup. You have to hire an IT professional to manage the setup and spend extra bucks on upgrading the hardware when the business demand increases.

But when you host your QuickBooks software on cloud and take services from the third-party provider, you require to pay the hosting fee only. Also, you will not either have to buy the hardware or install the QB software on the local system as QuickBooks is installed and run on cloud servers.

5. Business Continuity

No business likes to miss on any second and lose their clients to others. Construction companies require to continue operating without any interruptions to stay in harmony with the needs of customers. Hence, it is essential to eliminate failures that might arise at any point so that your business applications are unaffected and always functional.

Another advantage of taking services from a renowned cloud service provider is that they guarantee a 99.99% uptime to the customers. They ensure your QuickBooks Enterprise is never down, and the business is always a step ahead.

6. Integrate Multiple Third-Party Add-Ons

While running a construction business, you require various applications to run in collaboration with QuickBooks Enterprise for performing document management, CAD, time tracking, or any other construction-related work.

You need not worry about the integrations when you host QuickBooks on the cloud. Cloud offers a scalable environment, where you can seamlessly integrate any third-party construction applications with QuickBooks Enterprise and satisfy your construction needs.

7. Run Paperless Construction Business

Migrating entirely to cloud-hosted QuickBooks Enterprise means all the data is stored on a digital platform, thereby reducing the need for any paperwork.

Stakeholders, internal and external to the organization, no longer have to create separate documents to track the project progress, and all the work is managed in a cloud-based platform. Eventually, this reduces paper consumption and hence contribute to the sustainable environment.

8. Safeguard Against Any Disaster

Unannounced disasters can occur at any time, and when your data is stored on a local device, it is very likely to get impacted and lost when a natural disaster occurs. It cannot be restored ever again. The best way to safeguard the data against any unpredictable situations is to host it on the cloud.

When you opt for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting services from a provider, they ensure your construction-related documents are safe on off-site servers at multiple remote locations, thereby eliminating any risk factor.

9. Managed Hosting

In the case of locally installed QuickBooks Enterprise, you are responsible for the deployment and setup of all the construction apps and data. This leads to extra effort and costs on your part.

When you switch to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, the service provider takes care of all the IT-related tasks. They will set up and install the QuickBooks Enterprise and also check on the updates when needed. Moreover, as the QuickBooks Enterprise is installed on cloud servers, hardware replacement, maintenance, and scaling is also the provider’s responsibility.

10. Round-the-clock Support

When you use QuickBooks on the local desktops, your queries might remain unanswered since there is no technical help from the backend. Solving IT-related issues is not something everyone is good at, and not every company deploys a dedicated IT support team.

When you choose QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, the service provider offers round-the-clock support for all the hosting-related issues. The good ones have a team of skilled professionals that are available at your beck and call via call, chat, or email.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting can ease your construction business and provide numerous advantages. If you are already using QuickBooks for your business, try hosting it on the cloud and enjoy its benefits.

If you need help in getting to know more about the hosting benefits, reach out to our Solutions Consultant today at +1-855-223-4887.

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