Why QuickBooks Enterprise Is A Great Tool for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are the most difficult to run and operate. They need to have certain funds in hand and work with minimum staff and expenses. They also need to reduce their marketing and miscellaneous expenses.

However, this does not mean that they can’t employ the best technology and cut costs. In fact, technology helps them achieve their goals and do more with less.

Why QuickBooks Enterprise Is A Great Tool for Nonprofit Organizations

One of the trends nonprofits are following these days is that they are investing in the right software solutions. To start with, they try to manage their funds better with the help of accounting software such as QuickBooks Enterprise.  As a nonprofit, you wish the best for your organization, and QuickBooks Enterprise offers the best tools and features.

How  Is QuickBooks Enterprise Good For Nonprofits?  

As nonprofits are now investing in the best software, they might get tempted to go for just any accounting software, as it may appeal to be very promising on paper. But, the ground reality is that just any accounting software is not what nonprofits need; QuickBooks understands what nonprofits need and was built keeping the same in mind.

  • Reporting – There are several groups that nonprofits are answerable to – fund givers, people, board members, etc. This also means that there’s a need to create multiple reports for these different groups. Pulling out the data and transforming it into meaningful reports is done very easily through QuickBooks, saving time and effort.

  • Nonprofit Accounting – As a nonprofit, there are multiple accounts and activities to track. You need to track all the expenses, funds received, purchases made, etc. QuickBooks Enterprise understands the same and helps in automating such tasks, helping all the teams to execute each task in the budget.

  • Donations and Grants – Grants and donations have been and will always be an integral part of nonprofits. With QuickBooks, organizations can do it quickly and automatically sync the contributions with their accounts.

Features Offered By QuickBooks Enterprise For Nonprofits 

1. Time-Saving Tools 

QuickBooks Enterprise is packed with features and tools that are designed specifically for nonprofits to save time. Some of these include access to multiple reports, work across two files at once, and allow multiple users to work at once.

2. Critical Reports 

With advanced reporting, access the necessary information at your fingertips, create templates to save time, use the robust help portal, and access the reporting features built for the nonprofit industry.

3. User-Roles 

Safeguard confidential information with the help of restricted access to data by assigning user roles.

4. Outstanding Capacity  

There’s a reason behind QuickBooks Enterprise being the best at storing information – it has six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product (Pro, Premier, Accountant and Online). Store as much information as you want without affecting the processing time.

5. No Technical Expertise Needed 

The best part about using QuickBooks is that it is easy to use and can be easily handled by people from a non-accounting background. Additionally, you can contact customer support in case you need any help.

Host Your QuickBooks Enterprise On The Cloud For Better Budget Management 

1. Automatic Updates 

Nonprofits have to bear the upfront costs of installing and running QuickBooks Enterprise on local system. This means that they have to allocate a certain amount from their budget every year for the same.

There is no need for IT hassles and extra cost as cloud service provider takes care of automatic updates, upgrades and maintenance work.

2. Backup and Disaster Recovery  

Not all nonprofits have access to the latest technology for data backup. Some use hard disks to store their data manually, while some use tapes to do the same.

With QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, the data is backed up daily and is automatically stored on the cloud. In case there is a disaster like a fire or an earthquake, the information is safe and secure.

3. Reduces IT Hassles

QuickBooks Enterprise with cloud access means that the software will be deployed on the cloud servers of a third-party hosting provider and the users can access it via a web browser or RDP software.

 This means that there’s no need to install QuickBooks on every single machine and allocate space on the in-house server. This significantly reduces the load on IT infrastructure, meaning that there will be less worries.


Accounting is an integral part of every nonprofit as they need to keep a strict eye on their finances and taxes. With QuickBooks Enterprise, overcoming such challenges becomes a bit easier. Also, those mentioned above are a few benefits offered by QuickBooks Enterprise to nonprofits.

Enhance the power of your QuickBooks Enterprise software by combining it with the features of the cloud. Want to know how? Get in touch with a Solutions Consultant at +1 855-270-6252.

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