Is QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Right for Your Business?

QuickBooks Enterprise is an accounting solution which offers many benefits to small businesses, accountants, and CPAs. The software is loaded with many advanced features such as reporting, tracking inventory, and the flexibility to scale up.

However, when QuickBooks Enterprise is hosted on the cloud, it helps businesses meet various accounting challenges and streamline the workflow.

Is QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Right for Your Business?

Below are some more benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud for your business.

1. Work from Anywhere

QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud lets you discover a whole new way of doing business. The ability to run QuickBooks Enterprise software and get access to company files through the Internet allows users to work on the same file, irrespective of their location. This makes firms independent of the local network.

Businesses with mobile employees or multiple locations get centralized access to data and applications. No matter if they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or PC, your team would have remote access to the software and work with the same information, at the same time.

2. Security and Reliability

Security is one of the critical factors for all accounting firms, especially with the increasing threat of data theft and data breach. It may occur due to many factors such as negligence in deploying security protocols for data transfer in the network or an external attack. Locally backed up data can be lost accidentally or due to hardware failure.

Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud eliminates these risks and stores your data in the safest way possible. Cloud service providers have highly protected data centers and also take multiple backups of data on a regular basis. Moreover, with security features such as data encryption, anti-malware, multi-factor authentication, and antivirus deployed by the cloud service provider, your data is completely secure.

3. Collaboration Made Easier

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud is that it allows team collaboration for local and remote employees.

With centralized documentation and cloud-accessible location, multiple users can work on a file without the need to send the updated version to all team members. This provides all members to have an equal opportunity to give their input from wherever they are, at any time.

According to Forbes Insights, collaboration in the cloud and the ability to work together across geographical parameter is playing an important factor in the foundation of success. With QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud, file edits and updates happen in real-time and are accessible to everyone. Cloud eliminates any confusion caused due to multiple versions of the same file.

4. Cost Savings

QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting helps businesses save money by providing them access to more scalable and versatile services. It lets companies select the service levels based on their needs, instead of buying or building an IT infrastructure for temporary demands.

Staffing budget usually makes up a huge part of a company. Salaries, benefits, and other costs sometimes outweigh the hardware and software costs. Such expenses aren’t required with cloud hosting as the requirement of an IT team is minimized.

5. Disaster Recovery and Maintenance

QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud not only saves businesses money, but they are also freed from regular maintenance. Cloud service providers use high-tech practices to keep their servers up to the mark and updated. Thus, your accounting or CPA firm don’t need to invest in disaster recovery solutions.

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Along with data security, data loss is also one of the main concerns for businesses. With QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting, you get quick data recovery for all kinds of emergencies from power outages to natural disasters. The ability to access your data quickly allows businesses to conduct their operations in a usual manner with least downtime and reduced loss of productivity.

6. Strategic Edge

While the popularity of cloud technology is increasing, there are still companies that prefer to keep everything local. However, companies adopting cloud would have a strategic market advantage over those who haven’t. Without the need to maintain in-house data storage centers, small businesses can easily compete with the established ones.

Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly, as businesses realize that it provides them access to world-class enterprise technology. With QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors. According to a study by Verizon, 77% of companies feel that cloud computing gives them a competitive advantage, and 16% believe that this is a significant advantage.

7. Scalability

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting allows businesses to scale your process up or down quickly, based on your needs. So, instead of purchasing and installing expensive hardware, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider can handle this for you.

Cloud is also an ideal solution for businesses having fluctuating bandwidth needs. This feature also reduces the risks related to in-house hardware issues as well as maintenance.  With the cloud, you’ve high-performance resources at your disposal with no investment.

8. Always Available

Most QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers such as Ace Cloud Hosting are reliable in offering their services than in-house infrastructure, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. This ensures availability of QuickBooks Enterprise throughout the year. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can work on QuickBooks Enterprise from practically anywhere.

Companies can benefit from redundant IT resources – in case of server failure, the services are easily migrated to redundant servers.

9. Quality Control

There are some things which are detrimental to a business such as inconsistent and unreliable reporting. With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, all the files and documents are stored in a single format. This eliminates the possibility of human error and helps maintain consistency as everyone involved is accessing the same information.

On the other hand, managing information individually may lead to users accidentally saving different versions of files which would create confusion and diluted information.

10. Environmental Impact

With the current environmental state, it’s no longer sufficient for companies to put a recycling bin and claim that they’re doing their bit for the environment. If you are concerned about the environment and need a solution, then cloud hosting is what you’re looking for. Hosting your QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud would result in less of a carbon footprint.

Cloud Is the Way to Go!

If you want a mobile, scalable, and secure accounting solution for your business, cloud is the right choice. The companies that have adopted cloud technology are experienced unparalleled growth and flexibility in their process. For those businesses that have yet not adopted the cloud, it is recommended that they try it once to experience the difference.

Want to understand more about the benefits of hosting your QuickBooks enterprise on the cloud, call our Solutions Consultant: 855-ACE-IT-UP.

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