What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2024: An Overview

Intuit just released the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop. Boasting the latest features, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is a significant upgrade over previous versions. It offers several new features and benefits that can help businesses of all sizes improve their accounting and financial management.

Although the major updates are designed for the enterprise model, we expect Intuit to introduce further improvements and features in the coming mini updates.

So, without further delay, let’s get right into it.


What’s new and improved?

According to Hector Garcia, CPA and QuickBooks Pro Advisor, this year’s Intuit theme is: “Work more efficiently and securely with enterprise,” focusing more on the security of the product and improvement on automated reports, simplifying the overall accounting process.

Let’s breakdown what’s new in QuickBooks…

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Enhanced Security

Intuit finally equipped its software with 256-bit encrypted security features to ensure the highest level of data security. It means that your data is protected even if unauthorized individuals intercept it. It is the most secure encryption technique where the data encrypted has a 256-bit key and would require a hacker to try 2256 key combinations to decrypt the data, which is next to impossible.

Customer Prepayments (Enterprise Only)

The best update that comes with the new version is Customer Prepayments. Users can keep track of customer prepayments and deposits on sales orders and automatically apply them to invoices when the orders are filled. It builds customer trust and lets you record prepayments as current liabilities instead of accounts receivable.

Inventory Reports Enhancements (Enterprise Only)

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 includes several new inventory reports to help you track your inventory levels and make better business decisions. For example, you can now generate reports on inventory stock status by lot numbers. It can help you track your business’s inventory movement and identify potential problems.

Item Category Management (Enterprise Only)

In QuickBooks 24.0, Users can now track the sales data and control the inventory costs with the help of a hierarchal view in different categories such as “Inventory Valuation Summary,” “Inventory Stock Status by Item,” and “Sales by Item Summary” reports.

The new addition will help in streamlining the inventory management process and will eventually improve overall productivity. Users can also track inventory of products made in the same batch with the “Inventory Stock Status by Lot Numbers” report.

Efficient Item List Search

Enhanced the search utility for a faster search feature. QuickBooks Desktop 2024 includes an enhanced search feature that makes it easy to find items in your inventory quickly. It can save time and improve the efficiency of the users. The list search was previously available in different areas of QuickBooks.

With this new update, Intuit has added the list search feature to the fixed asset list and memorized transaction list. However, for the Payroll version, the item list still needs to be completed, i.e., without a dropdown.

Enhanced User Interface

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 features a modernized user interface with a fresh look and feel. It makes the software more straightforward to use and navigate. The new user interface is also more customizable to tailor it to your specific needs.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 includes various new reporting features, such as creating custom reports and dashboards. It gives you more flexibility and control over the data that you see. You can also use the new reporting features to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and generate reports for specific stakeholders.

Improved Integration Options

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 includes several new automation features, such as reconciling accounts and sending invoices automatically. It can save you time and reduce the risk of errors. For example, you can now schedule recurring transactions to be processed automatically.

Increased Automation

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 includes a number of new automation features, such as the ability to reconcile accounts and send invoices automatically. It can save you time and reduce the risk of errors. For example, you can now schedule recurring transactions to be processed automatically.

Other New Features

In addition to the key new features listed above, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 includes several other new features and enhancements. For example, you can create and manage budgets directly within QuickBooks Desktop. Using the new carbon footprint tracking feature, you can also track your business’s environmental impact.

Enhance Productivity with Ace Cloud

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is a significant upgrade over previous versions, and it offers a number of new features and benefits that can help businesses of all sizes improve their accounting and financial management.

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