QuickBooks Connect Conference

Recently, Intuit hosted the first QuickBooks Connect Conference from 21-23 October’2014 in San Jose, California. It was the first ever hosted conference by the Intuit and involved the participation of the constituents of their ecosystem: small business owners, developers and accountants. It had invited a large number of customers, roughly more than five million business customers.

The Conference had a number of featured speakers at the QuickBooks Connect Conference 2014. Here are the names of a few speakers who participated in the conference:  Bill Rancic Entrepreneur, Author and Reality Star, Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, Brad Smith, Intuit CEO, Marc Andreessen, Co-Founder of Andreessen Horowitz.

The theme of the event was kept as “Reach for the cloud and take your business to the next level

The Accounting Professionals were the major component of the event. In this, Intuit provided the educational content that will be helping the three components of their ecosystem to enhance success on their business and also to better serve their customers.

Most featuring point here is that the events were not just restricted to one particular professionals but was for all: Accountants, Entrepreneurs and even accountants.

QuickBooks Connect Conference

Here are the events samples that took place in the three day conference:

How to start business: From day 1 to 45

The conference had an event to encourage the people who have ideas for new business. They taught the crucial steps that must be followed by every entrepreneur in the initial 45 days of starting a business. With that they also taught about topics like funding, raising money and keeping (retaining) the customers.

Getting more familiar with the QuickBooks online platform

As now the Intuit is more focusing on the QuickBooks online than that of the desktop versions. Therefore, the event included this topic to make people more familiar with the benefits of the QuickBooks Online platform.

QuickBooks Troubleshooting : Common Flaws

The course taught about the commonly faced issues in the QuickBooks once they have set up their accounts. This was an interesting and must to attend course for QuickBooks Online users.

Making the QuickBooks as the key contributor in running business

This part of event taught about how QuickBooks can be utilized to benefit the business without all worries. Participants explored the key features in QuickBooks Online, run payrolls, getting paid quicker and much more.


So this was just a glimpse of what happened in the QuickBooks Connect 2014 event in San Jose, California. Though the registration included a fee for signing up ($199), but the event was actually a must attend for the small business owners, developers and accountants who look for further enhancing their business and skills.

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  • Amit Sirohi says:

    Great event to emphasize on the technology. There were some great thoughts that were put forth by speakers.

  • Boone Gorges says:

    Couldn’t have been better…the experience was great, the authors spoke exceedingly well.

  • Christian Axelsson says:

    It gave me a sense of satisfaction after being here for two days. And now I have an idea about how and when should I use this technology for my small business.

  • Wesley Chun says:

    It was an attempt to encourage more and more people to adopt QuickBooks. The conference went well, the final outcome results will tell.

  • Vinod Dalvi says:

    Three days were a great treat for a QuickBooks user. It makes you realize the power of this technology and what it has in store for the future.

  • Richard Tape says:

    It might come across as a very high profile conference but in the core of it. It was just an informative event. Though the ticket was very expensive.

  • David Anderson says:

    Just loved the whole experience altogether, it had everything one can expect out of an informative platform.

  • Sam Brodie says:

    There were so many great achievers in that conference. It was a great occasion.

  • Vikas Baliyan says:

    Felt like I was experiencing something new and innovative, sessions were great. Huge audience as well.

  • Sathish Nagarajan says:

    It takes you back and forth to the inception of the technology. And then again brings you in the present and makes you aware about the future.

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