QuickBooks Cloud: Reliability, Mobility, and Collaboration

Do you want to keep up with the changing times in the accounting domain with reliability, mobility, and collaboration as must-haves? If yes, host QuickBooks on the cloud and see the change. Yes, cloud-hosted QuickBooks has been phenomenal in transforming the lives of millions of accounting professionals. QuickBooks cloud hosting covers everything, whether you want to get remote access to your QB data, ensure improved data security, make collaboration easy, or scale your resources. 


What Does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Mean? 

QuickBooks cloud hosting is the process of installing the licensed copy of QuickBooks Desktop on the high-performance remote servers of QuickBooks cloud hosting providers. When QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud, you get access to all the tools and features of the accounting software while gaining the cloud’s flexibility, reliability, and high data security. All this is available at nominal and affordable monthly/yearly charges. 

One of the significant benefits of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is that you get remote access to the software and all your QB data. QuickBooks desktop remote access feature allows you to use your preferred devices and access the data from the comfort of your home or while on the go. 

Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Reliable? 

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is highly beneficial if you’re looking forward to benefiting from cloud computing. When you host the application on the servers of reliable QuickBooks cloud hosting providers, you get SLA-backed high server uptime for uninterrupted hosting services. Leading cloud hosting providers ensure 99.99% uptime for their hosting services, which means a corresponding downtime of fewer than 26 minutes in a year. 

In addition to the above, cloud hosting providers regularly back up their customer’s data on redundant servers across various geographical regions. This allows you to retrieve your data anytime, especially during natural disasters like floods, fires, and earthquakes. 

Considering all the features mentioned above, we can conclude that QuickBooks cloud hosting is indeed a reliable solution for businesses. 

How Does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Offers Mobility? 

In a locally-hosted QuickBooks Desktop environment, using the accounting software requires you to use only the dedicated local machine. In other words, you can access QuickBooks only when you are near the system where the software is installed. 

Switching to QuickBooks cloud hosting allows you to access the application and your data using devices like smartphones, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc. You can collaborate with your team members in real time and work on the same file simultaneously. The multi-user feature of QuickBooks cloud hosting gives you an excellent opportunity to work from anywhere and use your preferred internet-enabled device. 

Today, when the world is rapidly evolving with new technology, limiting yourself to QuickBooks Desktop solutions is equivalent to refraining from staying ahead in the competition. With mobility being one of the crucial aspects of QuickBooks hosting, hiring a QuickBooks hosting provider shouldn’t be delayed. 

QuickBooks Hosting Makes Collaboration Easier 

Joint efforts from team members and easy collaboration are the keys to the success of a business. However, instances happen when some of your team members aren’t available, and you encounter issues in communication and work efficiency. 

With QuickBooks on the cloud, all your team members, clients, and/or stakeholders can work together on a shared virtual platform. Everyone can access, share, and edit files simultaneously and make real-time changes depending on their authorization. Such features of QuickBooks cloud hosting save time and improve the productivity of a business. Moreover, the cloud-hosted solution enables you to communicate with a global team across various geographical regions. Everyone can work on a shared platform, ensuring business growth and improving its reach on a worldwide scale. 


QuickBooks has always been an effective accounting software for businesses. However, integrating it with the cloud unleashes the software’s full potential. Reliability, mobility, and collaboration are among those unique benefits of cloud-hosted QuickBooks that empower you to take your accounting capabilities to the next level. 

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