How QuickBooks Hosting Eases Anytime Generation of Accounting Reports?

One of the most intriguing features of QuickBooks cloud hosting is that it benefits accountants immensely in carrying out various complex bookkeeping and report generation activities. It offers various flexible report options where one click is enough to obtain a detailed report of any module.


The best thing here is that users can customize their hosted QB functionality the way they want. It gives them direct access to the backend data that is securely stored on a remote server location.

By using the customize option, users can take reports that include details of invoices and inventories. Let’s see how hosting provides accountants ease in report generation:

1. Flexible Reporting Environment

Hosting blends in the advantage of QuickBooks usage as per user’s free will along with flexible reporting tools. Through this, users can generate important reports, make necessary decisions, and can continue with the seamless functionality of their business.

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For managing reports, no specific IT skill is required since the management of the complex IT structure, and its functionality is the responsibility of the hosted service provider. So, accountants just have to follow the trouble-free method of report generation by simply clicking on the specified options.

Cloud hosting also offers remote access to the information so that users can work anywhere and anytime.

2. Customize Reports as Per Usage

QuickBooks cloud hosting provides the option to customize user reports for varied usage. Also, all users will have this power to customize reports based on server access and data storage permissions. You can tailor the reports the way you want.

Multiple users can access data simultaneously and work on even a single report to make changes in real-life. Every authenticated user gets direct access to the backup data. Just add the required fields and click the ‘Get Report’ button. The software fetches you all the relevant data.

3. Bulk On-Demand Printing of Emails and Invoices

Users can now take the print of bulk emails and invoices of clients from any location connected to the network printer. Just open the desired file by accessing your remote QuickBooks hosting server and give the print command to the connected printer.

With this facility, the users can not only view the real-time data but can also print it. With this facility of bulk printing, a lot of time can be saved. The random printing option is also available in the software. The random printing option offers you to print only those emails and invoices that you have selected to print.

4. Comprehensive Backup of Accounting Reports

QuickBooks cloud hosting providers generally install server applications in a comprehensive manner. It helps in taking backup of report in various desired formats. The most preferred formats to take an effective backup of reports are XLS, PDF, and RTF.

Whichever format you are comfortable with working on, you can have reporting in that particular format. For any format, you don’t have to download and install any additional components.

5. Seamless Integration With Add-Ons

QuickBooks can integrate with numerous add-ons to streamline the report generation process. Some of the most crucial integrations include:

  • SmartVault for Document Management
  • ACCTivate! for Inventory Management
  • BillQuick for Billing Process
  • QODBC Driver for Database Management
  • Method CRM for Customer Relationship Management

However, integrating all these applications on the local desktop can hamper the performance of your accounting application.

QuickBooks hosting provides the ability to host any number of add-ons with the help of scalable resources so that there are no hardware restrictions while generating numerous accounting reports.


QuickBooks hosting is a one-stop solution that eases most of the accounting tasks, especially generation of reports. The power of the cloud enables you to do more in less time and save costs as well as efforts.

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