Why QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Hosting Is a Great Solution for Accountants

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is an accounting solution designed especially for bookkeepers, accountants, and financial professionals. Along with the features of QuickBooks Pro and Premier, it is loaded with time and cost-saving features that make it easier to execute tasks.

However, just like any desktop application, QuickBooks Accountant Desktop comes with its fair share of limitations. There is a need to install the software and its updates manually; it requires storage space in your local hard disk; you cannot access the data remotely, and much more.

Why QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Hosting Is a Great Solution for Accountants

Most accountants and accounting businesses have realized the same and have migrated to the cloud. Cloud hosting of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop offers a complete end-to-end business solution for accountants who serve clients from multiple industries.

Accountants can leverage these features to stand a class apart from their competition and serve their clients better. Let’s see these features in detail:

1. Global Access

Even for experienced and skilled accountants, it is challenging to be physically present in the office to handle all the tasks and assist every client on the desktop version of QuickBooks Accountant.

But with QuickBooks Accountant hosting, CPAs and accountants can access their QuickBooks from any part of the world at any time as it can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

Global access is one of the best features of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting that accountants leverage to enhance their productivity and serve their clients better.

2. Multi-Device Access

In today’s digital era, desktops and laptops are not the most-used devices; smartphones are. The users prefer to keep applications in their pockets. Accountants, too, prefer mobile accounting.

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting offers the flexibility accountants need and desire. They can access their QuickBooks account from their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other compatible devices.

You’ll have the freedom to use QuickBooks Accountant from the device of your choice.

3. Data Security

When you use QuickBooks Accountant Desktop, your data security is in your hands. However, accountants and CPAs should not waste their time dealing with IT and data security issues because they can take hours to resolve. This way, their focus will deviate from their core accounting tasks.

In QuickBooks Accountant hosting, your hosting provider takes all the necessary measures to ensure enterprise-level data security. There is a team of IT and cybersecurity experts that handles and monitors your data – any unusual activity is thoroughly scanned.

Some security measures followed are data encryption, use of the latest antivirus and firewalls, automatic intrusion detection, physical data security, and more. This way, you can focus on your work and let the experts take care of data security.

4. Automatic Updates

Updating QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is a tedious task for CPAs and accountants as it interferes with their daily work. Whenever a new update is available, they have to pause their work to update the software.

However, with QuickBooks Accountant hosting, your hosting provider will deploy the latest updates during non-business hours. This ensures that your work is not impacted and gets to work on the latest software when it is available.

The details are usually intimated to you well in advance so that you can manage your work accordingly.

5. Role-Based Access

Multiple accountants work on a project. This does not mean that every person should have access to every document. There is a need to restrict the data that is visible to users.

If you host QuickBooks Accountant on the cloud, the hosting provider offers role-based access to the users. For instance, an accountant handling the taxes of a client will not be able to access his budget planning documents.

This feature is handy for preventing access to sensitive information from the users who should not access it.

6. Reduced IT Costs

If you maintain a physical server, you need to invest a substantial amount of money in setting up the IT infrastructure. You also need to hire qualified IT engineers for the maintenance and proper functioning of the server.

However, with QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting, all you need to pay is a small monthly subscription fee. Your hosting provider will provide access to the required IT resources via the Internet to meet your needs.

You can focus on your tasks and forget about setting up or maintaining an in-house server.

7. Increased Productivity

Modern-day accountants need flexibility while working to give out their best. If they are restricted to a certain routine, it makes the process monotonous and decreases their productivity.

However, with features like remote access and multi-device access, accountants have the freedom to work on QuickBooks Accountant as per their convenience. For instance, the freedom of working from home brings a positive change to productivity. Instead of getting stuck in traffic for hours, accountants can utilize the time and energy saved towards their work.

This way, they are more productive and work better towards servicing the clients.

8. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint is increasing day by day. Every one of us is responsible for it and should do something for our planet.

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting uses resources efficiently and reduces the carbon footprint by accountants. Cloud hosting also promotes paperless accounting, which directly benefits the environment.

In short, hosting of QuickBooks Accountant is a win-win for accountants and the environment.


Cloud-based QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is the best gift CPAs, bookkeepers, and accountants can get. There are numerous benefits like remote access, multi-device compatibility, better security, increased security, and more.

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