Benefits of Hosting QB on High-Performance Servers

When QuickBooks was introduced back in the 1990s, it proved to be a game-changer for the accounting sector. It simplified accounting processes, magnified efficiency levels, and made CPA firms more productive.

But using QB on traditional desktops has its own traditional limitations. It lacks remote accessibility, offers low computational ability, and is slow while handling complex analytical tasks.

Benefits of Hosting QB on High-Performance Servers

There is a solution – hosting QB on a High-Performance Computing Server (HPCS) of a QuickBooks hosting provider.

The accounting sector has greatly benefited from hosting their QuickBooks solution on HPCS. It provides them with several benefits like the ability to readily store and process large datasets, superior computational capabilities, and an enhanced end-user experience.

Here is the complete overview of the benefits you get when you host QB on high-performance computing servers.

1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

If you work in the accounting industry, you must be familiar with the idiom ‘time is money’. A CPA firm earns its revenue as per the billable hours. The more billable hours, the more revenue is earned. However, multiple organizational tasks can bog down your overall efficiency and result in lower billable hours.

Using high-performance servers for hosting QuickBooks solves all your processing problems and gives you an advanced accounting experience. Since a high-performance computing server is formed by clustering multiple computing nodes together, it offers a higher efficiency and accuracy rate.

Using HPCS, you can perform your usual accounting operations in half the time and still receive better results than the traditional system. This way, you can deliver faster deadline completion and onboard more clients.

2. Accessibility At Your Fingertips

Moving your QB to an HPC-based hosting solution has its own perks. You get faster processing speed, superior computational power, the ability to streamline multiple accountancy processes, and improved analytical capability.

However, there is a catch – the setup of an HPCS. It requires considerable investment for on-site development and consistent IT support for its perpetuation. This makes developing your own HPCS infrastructure quite an expensive venture – something that every firm cannot afford.

But nowadays, you gain access to high-performance servers with the help of the cloud. Hosting your QB on one such server enables you to access superior computational service on-demand from anywhere, anytime readily. This is why many CPA firms host their QB on HPCS as it provides better workload computation, is readily accessible from anywhere, anytime, and frees them from the hassles of setting up their own HPCS.

3. Fault-tolerant and Flexible IT Infrastructure

No one can deny the role of modern IT solutions in augmenting current business practices. It has allowed industries to be more productive, efficient, and secure. While some industries may require continuous high-grade IT infra, the needs of others like the accounting sector may vary. They may demand higher computational power during the peak tax season, only to dwindle after it ends.

This calls for an IT solution that is both flexible and fault-tolerant during their accounting operations, which can be achieved by hosting QB on a high-performance computing server. An HPCS is composed of a group of computer servers, so even if a server fails, there are other nodes to fill in its place.

This makes the HPCS highly fault-tolerant and a perfect option for carrying out heavy and continuous business operations without incurring any delay.

4. Improved Computational Capabilities

The modern accounting software usage gives an edge over the traditional methods. However, your IT infrastructure may lack the computing speed to provide you with the desired result when it comes to handling certain data variables. Especially during big data processing and analytic software deployment for generating accurate fiscal reports and productive financial strategies.

With HPCS, you easily handle all your advanced data processing needs and offer the much-needed proactive approach to your customers. Since a cluster of different computer servers forms an HPCS, it lets you process different data segments on multiple servers parallelly and fork all the outputs into a single network.

This way, instead of relying on a single computer resource for handling your data, it gets distributed over a much more comprehensive network. It provides the necessary results in a lesser time. Hence, when processing all those complex financial data of your QB, an HPCS is the ideal choice for its advanced-level treatment.

5. Controlling The Access

With an average employee having access to over 17 million files and 1.21 million folders of organizational information, allowing unrestricted administrative access can harm your firm’s data integrity and cause considerable losses. It can result in a data leak and cause illicit exposure of sensitive client credentials like their bank account number, credit card information, social security number, etc. Such illegal exposures can put your clients at potential fraudulent transactions and damage your firm’s credibility.

However, with an HPCS, you can easily limit and monitor the administrative access for better control over employee visibility. Since hosting QB means managing your data across different data servers, physical theft from the cloud is next to impossible. Also, as each high-performance computing server is made of a network of computer nodes, you can create an HPCS as per the requirement and assign it accordingly. This way, instead of having access to the whole system, you can limit an employee’s visibility as per their role in the organization and easily manage access control.


Accounting and CPA firms process large datasets in their QB solution during the tax season. They need to complete their tasks before the deadline and assist their clients in several accounting activities. This makes high-performance computing servers a necessity for CPA firms as it offers benefits like better processing speed, accessibility, data access control, and much more.

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