Top 9 Features of CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software (Along With Cloud Benefits)

Doing taxes can be really tough for CPA and accounting professionals during tax seasons. Piles of confusing papers and problems works together.

Some people still use old-fashioned tax software that makes everything even more confusing. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces!

But guess what?

There’s a solution name CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software and it’s do wonder with the cloud. A product of Wolter Kluwer Tax and Accounting, CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software is making a splash in the industry with its comprehensive feature set designed to provide businesses with an all-in-one solution for their taxation needs.

In this blog, we’re going to explore nine cool things about cloud hosted CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software makes tax time much easier for Tax pros.

Get ready for a tax adventure that makes everything easier and way more awesome!

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Importance of Cloud Hosting for Tax Software

Ever feel like your tax software needs a turbo boost?

Enter – cloud hosting, it’s a game-changer for CPAs and accountants.

Imagine this: your tax software at your fingertips, wherever you are. That’s the magic of cloud hosting – flexibility to the max.

Now, let’s talk security. Think of the cloud as your high-tech fortress, shielding your tax data from any unwanted guests. Security? Check!

And who says you have to tackle tax season solo? With cloud hosting, you and your team can tag-team on projects, making teamwork a breeze.

During tax season you need something that you can trust on. It’s all about accessibility, security, teamwork, scalability, and keeping your finances in check.

Features of CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software

CCH ProSystem fx Tax is a professional tax preparation software that offers a wide range of features to help tax professionals efficiently and accurately prepare and file returns. Some of the key features of the software include:

1. Tax Forms

Filling out tax forms can be a bit of a headache, but let me tell you about CCH ProSystem fx Tax – it’s like a breath of fresh air for tax season.

The tax software not only gives you interview forms and worksheets but also turns the whole filing process into a walk in the park.

The interview forms?

Super easy – just drop your info in a neat and tidy way.

And guess what? Tax preparers get cool tools like the “lookup” feature, doing the data filling dance for them, and the nifty “Zoom” feature, making forms big and clear.

It’s not your regular tax software; it’s the secret sauce for a stress-free tax season.

2. Advanced Tax Compliance

When doing tax preparation, precision is key, and CCH ProSystem fx Tax takes the lead with its advanced tax compliance features. It’s not just about filing returns; it’s about doing it with a level of expertise that sets you apart.

It goes beyond the basics, ensuring that every compliance box is not just ticked but thoroughly understood. CCH ProSystem fx Tax transforms tax preparation into a streamlined experience, providing users with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of tax compliance effortlessly.

With advanced tax compliance at the helm, you’re not just filing returns; you’re mastering the art of precision in tax preparation. CCH ProSystem fx Tax – where compliance meets excellence.

3. Interactive Reports

When it comes to tax prep, we all know catching mistakes is a big deal. That’s where CCH ProSystem fx Tax comes in with its interactive reports – the unsung heroes of error-spotting.

Now, imagine having not one, but five superhero reports – Diagnostics, Overrides, Estimates, Input Override, and Reversed Tick Marks. They’re like your personal detectives, pointing out exactly where the tax return needs a fix and even explaining the errors in plain English.

No more hunting for mistakes in the dark; these reports shine a spotlight on them. With CCH ProSystem fx Tax, reviewing returns isn’t a puzzle; it’s a guided journey to spot and fix errors like a pro.

4. Return Diagnostics

Alright, let’s talk about ProSystem fx Tax’s “Return Diagnostics” feature – it’s like your personal assistant for fixing tax stuff. This tool isn’t just for looking at your tax returns; it’s for making them spotless.

Here’s the deal: it helps you review and fix things, and it’s smart enough to point out if something’s missing or not quite right. And get this – it uses these number codes to speak to you. The first digit in the code is like a secret message, telling you what kind of mistake it found.

See a code that starts with 2? No biggie, just a heads-up. But if it starts with 6, it’s saying, “Hey, check this out – it’s about Electronic Filing.”

Ready to give it a go? Just click the “D” button or head to Review > Interactive Diagnostics. With ProSystem fx Tax, fixing up your taxes isn’t a headache; it’s like having a helpful friend by your side.

6. Database Maintenance Tool

This tool is used to check the integrity of the database and client files. The Database Maintenance Tool is used for system rebuild by clicking on the Office Manager icon in the

This tool helps users to check the integrity of the database and client files. They can use this tool to work on the system rebuild and check which client files they have worked on. Using this feature requires tax preparers to follow the series of steps mentioned under:  

  • Click on the “Office Manager” icon in the ProSystem fx Tax folder 
  • Click on the “Rebuild” button and choose “System” 

After completing these steps, the rebuild will take some time to run. CCH recommends running the rebuild once a month (off-season) and every two weeks (tax season). 

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7. Electronic Filing

Why deal with paper hassles when you can simplify tax time with ProSystem fx Tax’s Electronic Filing? Trust an IRS-approved provider for e-filing, ensuring top-notch accuracy that takes the worry out of tax submissions.

What’s the secret sauce? ProSystem fx Tax boasts a cutting-edge Electronic Filing Status System. It’s not just high-tech; it’s easy too. You can check your return status right from your phone – no more waiting around. It’s like having a direct line to your tax updates.

So, kick back, relax, and let ProSystem fx Tax make your tax season a walk in the digital park. Stress-free returns are just a click away!

8. Robust Integration

Imagine a tax preparation journey where everything just clicks. That’s what you get with CCH ProSystem fx Tax’s robust integration. It’s not just a feature; it’s the secret sauce that turns your tax workflow into a well-oiled machine.

How does it work? By syncing seamlessly with other solutions in the CCH ProSystem fx Suite, creating a digital tax preparation dream team. This integration covers all the bases – from engaging with clients initially to sending them the final bill.

No more juggling between different tools; it’s a smooth ride from start to finish. With CCH ProSystem fx Tax, your tax workflow just got a serious upgrade. It’s not just tax preparation; it’s tax preparation done right.

9. An End-to-End Digital Tax Workflow

Experience a whole new era of tax preparation with CCH ProSystem fx Tax’s Digital Tax Workflow – your go-to for a seamless tax adventure. It’s not just a workflow; it’s like having a personal tax assistant right in your pocket, ready to roll whenever you need it.

Imagine having tax services right at your fingertips, available whenever you need them. That’s the magic of on-demand mobile services – putting you in control.

No more back-and-forth delays. Real-time collaboration with clients becomes a breeze, making teamwork a walk in the park.

And the cherry on top? The latest regulatory guidance is right at your fingertips. CCH ProSystem fx Tax’s Digital Tax Workflow isn’t just about doing taxes; it’s about doing them effortlessly, up-to-date, and stress-free. Welcome to the future of tax prep!

Benefits Of Cloud For ProSystem fx Tax

You know, dealing with tax stuff can be a bit of a hassle, especially when your tax software is stuck on one computer. But, there’s good news – CCH ProSystem fx Cloud Hosting is here to make things way better.

Here are some of the benefits that CCH ProSystem fx hosting brings to the table: 

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Traditional tax setups kept you glued to your office desk. Now, with CCH ProSystem fx Cloud Hosting, break free from that. You can log into your tax software whenever you want, wherever you are. Whether it’s your home, a coffee shop, or even on the go – the freedom is all yours.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration used to mean endless file swapping and confusion. With CCH ProSystem fx Cloud Hosting, it’s a whole new ballgame. You and your clients can dive into the same files simultaneously. No more version chaos – just real-time teamwork that’s simple and efficient.

Super Safe and Secure

Security is a big deal, especially when it comes to tax info. CCH ProSystem fx Cloud Hosting takes this seriously.

Local-device installation of ProSystem fx Tax software possesses many security concerns. The hardware might undergo physical damage, or the users can be data breach victims. 

ProSystem fx cloud hosting addresses all these issues efficiently. As the hosting provider hosts the software on the cloud, there’s a reduced risk of any data breach or cyber-attack. It is also because most cloud hosting providers have robust data security measures to protect their customers’ data. These measures include: 

  • 256-bit data encryption 
  • Multi-level firewall 
  • Antivirus and antimalware 
  • Multi-factor authentication, and more 

Unrestricted Add-on Integration

Various third-party applications prove to be helpful when used with ProSystem fx Tax. These could be anything from accounting software to CRM software and more. However, integrating these into the local systems requires a constant upgrade of hardware resources. 

CCH ProSystem fx hosting offers tax preparers unlimited resources to integrate these add-ons with ProSystem fx Tax. Moreover, businesses get the ability to scale up the hardware resources according to their requirement without the need for hardware replacement. 

Reduced IT Efforts

There is an essential requirement for a dedicated IT team in an on-premise setup, leading to budget concerns and constant work disruption. 

ProSystem fx Tax hosting providers offer round-the-clock support to quickly resolve all the issues and queries related to the hosted software. Moreover, they take care of all the hassles included in hardware maintenance and upgrades, which saves a lot of time and effort. 

Upgrade Your Financial Game: CCH ProSystem fx Shines on the Cloud!

Streamline The Tax Operations With ProSystem fx Tax

CCH ProSystem fx Tax eliminates menial tasks by automating tax operations. With worksheets and interview forms, tax return filing becomes hassle-free. The interactive reports offer a user-friendly interface for tax preparers to rectify mistakes. Moreover, the availability of multiple tax forms ensures that they can file all returns, be it state, county, or federal. 

However, hosting ProSystem fx Tax on the cloud enhances the software’s functionality to a vast extent. It ensures the all-time availability of the software, along with better security and collaboration. 

To know more about the features of ProSystem Fx Tax and cloud benefits, get in touch with a Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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