ProSeries tax software hosting is an extensive software solution for tax professionals which enables them to handle their workloads seamlessly and smartly.

ProSeries tax software not only helps to accelerate the process of filing tax returns, but also provides an out-of-the-box solution to serve other associated areas such as collection of data, consultation, and many others.

ProSeries Tax Software Hosting: All You Need for Tax Filing

The ProSeries tax software has plenty of features, and when clubbed with the convenience of cloud, its capabilities enhance even further.

Let us see what all benefits can be availed when ProSeries tax software is hosted on the cloud.

1. Faster & Error-Free Tax Preparation

ProSeries Tax Software Hosting merges the features of the ProSeries and the cloud which enables the tax preparers and accountants to prepare and file taxes swiftly without any issues.

Also, hosting ProSeries tax software on the cloud prevents replication of data as the users can work on the same files. It makes the tax preparation process swift and efficient.

2. Multi-user Access

Hosting ProSeries software on the cloud allows for the users’ secure collaboration with their clients and colleagues.

All the users can work on the same files and documents in real-time which eliminates the need for constant exchanging of data and sensitive files over emails and other applications. Consequently, loads of time and money is saved that can be utilized in core processes.

3. Integration of Add-ons

There are plenty of features available on the ProSeries software, and when it is combined with the cloud, it becomes unbeatable. However, there still might be some specific features that a user might need in addition to the tax-related functions. Here is where add-ons come into the picture.

The easy integration of add-ons further enhances the software along with the benefits of the cloud making it a one-stop solution for any tax preparer.

4. Cost Saving

In today’s time, the tax processes are getting expensive on a daily basis. Every CPA and accountant want to optimize the process and make it cost-effective. They want to get their requirement fulfilled along with decent services and exceptional features at reasonable costs.

Hosting Intuit ProSeries reduces business expenses by a considerable extent. This is because the cost of having an in-house IT setup and its maintenance is eliminated as the hardware is situated in the remote data centers of the ProSeries cloud hosting provider.

Moreover, with the feature such as pay-as- per-usage, the user can opt for the desired resources for the time period he/she wants to, and thus, there is no wastage of money.

5. Remote Access

ProSeries Hosting on the cloud enables the users to access the software and the files from anywhere, whether it is a park, home or a beach with no time restrictions.

The benefits of remote working like having a work-life balance along with increased flexibility of work and no travel stress enables the users to improve their productivity and efficiency.

6. Scalability

The number of users involved in the accounting operations keeps on changing with time. With such changes, access to such software also has to be modified. For example, during the tax season, the demand might increase as the temporary staff is hired. Upgrading or downgrading on a regular basis with the physical infrastructure is a headache.

Hosting the tax software on the cloud enables easy addition or removal of users with just a few clicks which most of the times are taken care of by the cloud providers. The permission or access to the data can also be edited for different users.

With the increase in the number of users and the upgrade of ProSeries software, the server resources also need to be scaled accordingly. This can be done instantly when ProSeries is hosted on the cloud.

7. Easy Data Management

As the tax filing process involves an endless list of invoices, forms, and other vital documents, a considerable amount of data has to be managed and secured.

Management of such a large amount of data can become a massive headache when on a local system along with increased risk of data theft.

It’s a different story on the cloud as the data is managed and secured on remote servers which maintain replication of the data on backup servers so that the information is never lost or stolen.

8. High Availability

Obstacles like system disruption, software malfunction, and natural calamities are almost inevitable and can cause a massive amount of losses to the business because of the delay in operations.

Hosting Intuit ProSeries software on the cloud ensures that the tax preparer operates in a hassle-free manner and the business is never interrupted as most of the cloud providers ensure that the services are available even in case of any disruption because of constant availability of backup servers.

To summarize…

ProSeries tax software is an efficient tax software especially for those with high clientele and hosting it on the cloud takes it one notch higher. It provides multi-user accessibility which enables multiple users to work simultaneously.

Remote access enables users to work from anywhere at any time. Easy data management and hassle-free operations further increase the efficiency of the work. Scalability, cost saving, availability of add-ons and fast error-free tax preparation further lure the users towards hosting of ProSeries tax software.

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