ProSeries, a professional tax software, presents its users with a number of amazing features to simplify the operations and take off the tax season pressure. Developed by Intuit, the software enjoys a healthy customer base in different global markets, especially the United States.

ProSeries Cloud Hosting: Top 5 Benefits

The software is usually adopted by the tax professionals who are working for their clients and to help the cause better, it comes with several time-saving features. However being a desktop-based application, the software lacks on certain features such as remote accessibility, real-time collaboration etc. when it is compared with cloud-based solutions.

To make up for that you can host your ProSeries software on the cloud, here are some of the crucial benefits that you can avail with ProSeries by switching to the cloud hosting:

1. Streamlining Outsourcing Operations

For the professionals, who are serving the client from an off-site location, switching to the cloud brings a greater level of productivity. Over the cloud solutions, different parties (such as – clients, their bookkeepers, your staff, etc.) can collaborate on the same files or forms to maintain the accurate details with them.

Hosting applications on the cloud also develop the trustability factor, which is an important consideration with offshore or outsourcing services. It keeps the different parties on the same page and they are always aware of the work done, which enhances trust of the client on the abilities of the professionals.

2. Updated Information Available All the Time

With the traditional ProSeries usage, your application or tax data resides only in the device on which you have installed it. Cloud hosting installs the software on the remote server that can be accessed from any internet-connected device using authentic login credentials. It means that you can access the most recent data using any device from anywhere when required.

The independence of device with the cloud also brings a comfort for the professional to work when they are on the move. Accessing the application from smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they can utilize their travel time into something more productive.

3. Get Over the Hassles of Local Infrastructure Maintenance

Installing an application on the local server to be shared with a number of users involves endless difficulties. Right from the point of setting up the server to maintaining it with the changes that come with time, it not only cost heavily on the pocket but also takes enough manpower. Opting for the hosting of ProSeries with a leading hosting provider, you can avail a free server maintenance.

And compared to the purchase of a physical server, a hosting plan is considered cost-effective. Especially for the tax season needs where you may have to use the hosting solutions for a limited period, a monthly rental would always a lot better than spending on the purchase as well as real estate to keep it locally.

4. Flexibility of Users and Their Permissions

Death and tax are only certainties and nothing else. Even your staff and clients are not permanent. That is why you may have to regularly change the users and their access to the software. Another aspect to consider with tax software is that the demand is greater during the tax season and accounting firms hire temporary staff. Flexibility with the physical infrastructure is always a trouble.

With cloud hosting, adding and removing different users is only a matter of clicks. You can drop the request for creating new users to the hosting provider and that is usually implemented within minutes. One can even edit the permissions for the different users with the admin panel.

5. Keep the Business Running Uninterrupted

Natural calamities, system disruption, software malfunction, etc. are almost inevitable and that can cause the delay in the operations, which can eventually lead to heavy losses.

Coming to the generation of cloud, most of the hosting service providers maintain a regular replication of the data on secured remote servers to ensure that your services are available even during any issues with the server. Considering the case of a fault with the local device, you can easily work from any other internet connected device to keep working.

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